I Imagine This is Pretty Effective

I Imagine This is Pretty Effective

Submitted by: Unknown

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75 Responses to I Imagine This is Pretty Effective

  1. A Noun says:

    Then we’ll make you buy the rebar for full MSRP!

  2. De Blonde one.. says:

    So I’m only gonna be back real quick..

  3. Mr Ed says:

    Can’t read the sign. Ads covered it up.

  4. Derek says:

    So how do I get the ticket?

  5. PaleBlue says:

    I saw one at Chipotle the other day that said “Our Burritos are big, but our parking lot isn’t! Spaces are for customers only. Violators will be towed, crushed, melted, and pounded into foil”

  6. Glenn says:

    The photo is fake, but I like the wording

    • Gartar says:

      Ya know… now that you mention it.
      It does look like it’s simply “pasted” to a picture of a garage door.

      I bet it would be effective though.

  7. Deejayboy says:

    Why are you paying for AOL? It’s been free for 2 or 3 years IF you have your own internet provider. You only pay for AOL if you still have dial-up.
    Who has dial-up anymore? Call AOL, discontinue your billing. Yes, you get to keep your screen names.

    • Moroncrusher says:

      Mind your own business, scrub.

    • laura says:

      No need to call AOL to get free AOL. Update your own account. Just go to your HELP, then ACCOUNTS/BILLING, click to PLAN and choose free. If you never change it, they will keep billing you. The only reason you need to pay is if you have Dial-up, and then it is 9.95, I think.

  8. gojo says:

    Easy way to get rid of a junk car!

  9. whodat says:

    I am fascinated to learn that people still use AOL…. and they’re paying for it???

  10. Ani says:

    I saw this sign at Nauvoo Products in Nauvoo, IL. There was another that went with it as well beside a container of rebar that had an arrow and said, “Last Car Parked Here (rest of car is reinforcing Blimpe’s parking lot)

  11. Brad says:

    people who live in rural areas use dial-up i used dial-up till a few months ago when i switched to the verizon mifi which is about 3 times faster and costs the same as dial-up.

  12. payback says:

    do that to me and see what happens to your business after i come back in the middle of the nite , you know what they say about payback …. have a nice day 🙂

  13. Shaun says:

    There’s a typo in this sign. Instead of “whats” — it should be “what’s” for “what is”. Other than this, it’s a great sign.

  14. Bluest says:

    Overheard downtown as I sat at an outdoor cafe: “Hey, you can’t park here, see the Emergency Vehicle Lane Markings?”as the guy blocks an entrance ‘I have diplomatic immunity, it’s okay. The guy comes out not too much later, his car all dinged up, and keyed by ppl pissed that they had to squeeze by to get to the entrance during the busy lunch rush; ‘What happened, why didn’t you stop them?’ to the contruction guy that told him he couldn’t park there. The contruction worker said; “There was nothing I could do, it was some guy with diplomatic immunity!”

  15. Russell says:

    Mess with my ride – let me fin out – I got somethin for ya. Truth !

  16. Raymond Osowiecky says:

    People with revenge on their minds will find the remains of their cars in the steel of jail bars. Everything’s on camera these days and they would be the first suspects anyway. Humor wins the day!!!

  17. uNeverKno says:

    all of u talkin bout aol, what does that have to do with this?? and all of the ‘payback’ people, get a life. ull waste half of it with that mess, grow up. and HAHAHAHA love the signs and funny stuff, its awesom ^.^ just dont park there duh. lol

  18. TONY says:

    and some people just don’t read the sighns!!! always in a hurry to go noware….(Oh I Didn’t See IT !)

  19. Belle says:

    I’ve been with AOL since ’93, and I love it. I’ve tried other ISP’s but they just don’t measure up to AOL to me. But I pay $26 a month for it, and now I find I can get it for free!? How do I keep the same service without paying for it? And will I still have tech support for the rare ocassions when I do need it? Will I still have the same version that I have now (9.0 VR)?

    • Robbie says:

      “Belle:” Even if you’re stuck with dial-up, like I am, AOL will give you a much better rate if you ask them, especially if you try to cancel your account! I’m paying $11.99 right now, and could have still been paying $4.95, except that I’m online too much, and the extra per-minute cost was too much. I opted for the $11.99 plan, and have unlimited minutes. You’ve been paying about a hundred and fifty dollars a year too much, because they won’t tell you unless you threaten to switch ISPs.

  20. Not fond of AOL says:


    AOL is free, same version, everything. You can even keep your e-mail. Stop throwing your hard earned cash away on aol. Now, I say this and make the presumption you have fast internet, are not on a modem, etc.

  21. Jim says:

    If the car is sold for parts then there will be no car to melt. Should read, “parts from it will be sold”. Grammatical retards created the sign.

  22. geekgroupie says:

    Don’t ever buy Cricket for wifi

  23. steve says:

    and used to hit you over the head

  24. fade69 says:

    the sign is funny but what is even more funny it that people are talking about aol. there are people trying to help. it is even more funny.

  25. PRosco says:

    LOL,,,,, I’m on here right now with Cricket … And the sign is like something people around here would just laugh at as the low-lifes don’t have to do as everybody else do, “this is a free country… do as i want” attitude …. Oh my account on AOL is also a free account.

  26. cheyenne says:

    in my country we only have wifi. but i still dont pay. wtf why would you pay.

  27. Shirley says:

    Yes, you can get AOL for free, any version you want, but no live help, either chat or phone. Not like they were ever that much help anyway. I actually weaned myself off AOL, use Firefox, which is much faster. I am still able to access my AOL mail account (which I have had for 12 years) from Firefox. Serves me well that way.

  28. Jonathan says:

    so can I park here?

  29. stu says:

    People who still pay for AOL are the ones who park where these signs are than act surprized “I didn’t know”

    • MaxxHeadroom says:

      I am surprised you knew how to spell “surprized” with the r, but still spelled it wrong, and I’m sure your use of “than” instead of “then” was just a typo.

  30. mike r. says:

    My car is junk anyway.

  31. The Guy says:

    AOL FTL!!

  32. The Guy says:

    AOL FTL!!!

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