An Announcement Regarding the Relocation of Photographs of Humorous Signs

Oddly Specific is moving, and we got our hands on a transcript of the deal-making conversation!

*Phone Rings*

OS: M-yello?
FB: Hey, bro. It’s Failblog.
OS: Whaddup, Feebs?
FB: Nothing much. I was just wondering if I could capture your soul and put it in a jar over my fireplace?
OS: o.O …Do what now?
FB: Don’t worry, bro. I’m totally leveling-up over here, and I want your signs.
OS: I guess, sure. But what about my people? How are they gonna find me all jumbled up in your business?
FB: Tags, muthaf**kah! Check it: If they just wanna see your stuff, they can copypasta that into the browser & bookmark it. I’m even gonna go ahead and update all their RSS feeds automatically, so they only get things tagged “oddly specific.” LIKE A BOSS!
OS: Word, bird. I’m down.


All our server-ducks need to be in a row before we can send JUST the tagged stuff, which is why many of you have gotten all of Failblog’s posts this morning. The feed should be updated/changed by tonight (Nov 10). We’re not trying to be dicks.

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What is This, The Game?

What is This, The Game?

(Which you have now lost, btw.)

Submitted by: Jenn

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Message Received

Message Received

Submitted by: master baiter

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I Won’t.

I Won't.

Submitted by: scott cooper

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Hugger Muggers!

Hugger Muggers!

Submitted by: Unknown

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