Hello Law Lovers, Rule Relaters, and Sundry Citizens Concerned with Careful Cautioning!
You are absolutely most welcome to visit our site on a daily basis to:
a) Revel in our library of images captured and displayed to glorify their specificity.
b) Share your thoughts and engage in relevant dialogue with like-minded peers
c) Share your thoughts and disagree with random strangers who clearly don’t understand your savvy, ‘with-it’ point of view.
d) vote down images of blue signs, vote up images of green signs, do nothing for brown signs.
e) lurk
e) A, D & E
f) A & B
g) A & C
h) All of the above.
i) None of these answers is correct.

we welcome your submissions and feedback!

Cheezburger Network

Oddly Specific is a Cheezburger Network signpost.

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