You’re Welcome

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While I didn’t park here, I did loiter for a while.

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24 Responses to You’re Welcome

  1. Sigma says:

    Also, it’s a fire zone.

  2. Jim says:

    so… should we park here or what?

  3. Maxwell says:

    It actually means please park here. x1 = not, x2 = do, x3 = not, x4 = do. There are 4 nevers which means that it’s a positive so it’s asking you to park there.

    • HunterJE says:

      Heh, just coming here to say that! In fact, it’s not just saying you should park there, it’s saying you should ALWAYS be parked there!

    • Ainlina says:

      No, what it means it that you should park here at least once, and it assumes that there exists ω^4 moments. I can explain if needed.

    • Kuroro says:

      actually no, since never means not at all, negating that means sometimes… never never park here would mean you HAVE to park there SOMETIME lol

      if the words used had been more along the lines of dont not park here (or something) then it would be like that

    • AnonMan says:

      Crap, you beat me to it!

    • Tim says:

      yeah me too

    • Flip says:

      not me, I wasn’t planning on posting such a thing at all.

      just thought I’d mention it.

    • *tSuKiNoKo ^.~* says:

      I noticed that, too. Got to love language~*

  4. Paula says:

    The mistake is using the word “please.”

  5. Gemenon says:

    Maybe just this once? I’ll be your friend if I can park here!

  6. RedDazes says:

    As someone said… it is actually ((whether on purpose or not)) telling you to park there. The last “Never” makes it an affirmative statement…

  7. ta2dman says:

    This sign is 2 blocks from my house. What is extra funny is that it is on a block with loads of free parking.

  8. Tartsonawire says:

    Oh, Chris Jericho…..

  9. Kat Lean says:

    I live right around there, and no one ever parks there, but they also never ever ever ever never ever never ever ever never use the driveway for anything day or night.

  10. Rickster says:

    Ok, now this is SO shopped.
    Where are all the shoppers?

  11. S.B.S.P Biggast Fan!!! says:

    This remind me of a spongebob episode between patrick and sponge “Never Ever Forever?” -Patrick

  12. bltgsandwich says:

    *parks there*
    *scrawls in red lipstick: TLDNR :)*

  13. Erm? says:

    So it wants us to avoid NOT parking there at least once at all costs?

  14. VickyLee says:

    >Puts on French accent< "Never say never, whatever you do…"

  15. Purianite says:

    Too many negatives.

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