Something Has To Be Illegal In Nevada

Something Has To Be Illegal In Nevada

Submitted by: US Highway 395 via Oddly Specific

This is one of those things I had to look up, just to make sure it was legit. Turns out, it totally is. It’s crayfish, not lobsters, but they’re still illegal to sell. But they have no problem with you going to a prostitute and getting crabs…how odd.

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36 Responses to Something Has To Be Illegal In Nevada

  1. Bernard Main says:

    You can die from Liquor (liver failiure)
    You can die from Gamberling (commiting suicide when you loose $50billion)
    You can die from Prostitution (STD)
    and You can die from Lobsters/Crayfish

    But only with Lobsters is death certain

  2. Your inner voice says:

    -I go for prostitution YEAH!

  3. Sarge says:

    Ok, but WHY are crayfish illegal in Nevada? What, they’re afraid they’ll take over the vast waterways of the freaking desert that is Nevada? Someone got pinched by a crayfish and now they’re not welcome back anymore?

  4. Someone says:

    Apparantly, Adam West became mayor in Nevada.

  5. Seibee says:

    Those crayfish are just deviants.

  6. o-plz says:

    its an invasive species. And the limited water supplies are EXACTLY why they keep them out.
    try some education.

    • keri says:

      really a nice explanation would have sufficed. Not everyone on here is from Nevada and so would probably never know or much less go about learning about the plight of Nevada’s crayfish fraught water systems. For most Americans, crayfish are no more bothersome then squirrels, or I assume lizards in your case. Anyway, the real education that needs to be “tried” is learning the difference between a lobster and a crayfish, as a New Englander I am highly disappointed.

    • Human says:

      Try not being A TOOL!!!! You sound like a douche bag

    • Maria says:

      wow someone doesnt handle jokes well. can we send this one to the people who will set him on fire?

    • R0AHN says:

      And maybe you should try some yourself, and maybe some common sense. Most Americans who don’t live in the Southwest can’t even locate Nevada, much less New Mexico on a map. Remember the Olympics in Utah? People calling from New Mexico got redirected to the *intnernational* line. And Utah is part of the Four Corners area.

    • Miss A. says:

      o-plz how does one get educated if not by acknowledging they don’t know it all. Unlike you some people see the common sense in asking questions to learn.

  7. Music-chan says:

    I am amused by the ’24 hr’ thing they put on everthing. Are some things only legal between certain times?

  8. Jami says:

    Several years ago near the Nevada/California border we drove through this rinky-dink town. There were several signs reading “See the desert lobster!” What it was was a metal statue someone had put together of a lobster. The highway went right by it. When we drove by the lobster was torn to pieces and there was a sign saying that the city council had killed the desert lobster. Plus several other angry signs. I guess the city council declared that the lobster was an eyesore and demanded it be destroyed. Odd since the town itself was falling to pieces, most of the homes look abandoned, there was tons of old cars, washing machines, etc rusting in everyones’ yards that were fenced off with barbed wire. The entire town was an eyesore. But it was the Desert Lobster they decided needed to be removed to beautify the town.

    The reason I bring this up – I’m pretty sure I saw that exact same sign along with all the ones about the city council killing the lobster.

  9. Rich says:

    @Someone: Nevada is a state, not a city. They have a governor, not a mayor.

    @Music-chan: Yes. In particular, selling alcohol is only legal at certain times in many places.

  10. Rauss says:

    You can have a chick screw you for your money, lose it all gambling or piss it away on booze.

    But by God, don’t you dare go to Nevada and spend it on Crayfish.

  11. the cat says:

    I’m wondering if this is outside a place that got shut down for selling lobster.

  12. BoringTroll says:

    The creatures sold as “Desert Lobster” were really farm raised Australian red clawed crayfish. The folks who were raising and selling them had a license which only permitted them to sell dead crayfish. Despite repeated warnings, they sold live crayfish.

    The crayfish will eat just about anything and may have no natural predators in Nevada. If a customer were to release a pair of live crayfish into the wild of Nevada, it could be bad, real bad, for the native wildlife.

    Or maybe not just wildlife, the zebra mussel caused hundreds of millions of dollars in damage to power plants and other infrastructure around the great lakes.

    • syncityangler says:

      we now have quagga (zebra) mussels in our lake mead. and officials say its all bad. we also have crayfish they are illegal cause they are trying to keep their numbers down.and for the 24 hr prostitution its only legal in a few citys in nevada. las vegas and reno not being one of them.

    • Ben says:

      Actually, the Australian red claw species, or any foreign crayfish is NOT resistant to crayfish plague, a disease widespread through out U.S. waters. It is a fungal infection that infects the crayfish. The crayfish that ARE resistant to it are the signal crayfish and the Louisiana crayfish, the native species in America. Any Australian crayfish that gets introduced will most likely be dead within a week. So there really is no reason for this law. If some idiot decides to release there foreign cray, it will die due to the plague. I am so proud to live in Las Vegas. Prostitution, drinking, and gambling ……. but god forbid THE CRAYFISH!

  13. Luvcanal says:

    man that troll is boring

  14. NV Resident says:

    I would also like to point out for the sake of it… prostitution is not legal in the entire state of Nevada, just certian counties. It is not legal in the city of Las Vegas or anwhere else in Clark County, it is however legal in Pahrump or Nye County.

  15. Kiki says:

    I thought maybe “Lobster” was code for some sort of shady sex move…

  16. I submitted the photo, it’s a billboard for a restaurant called the “Desert Lobster Cafe” in Luning, Nevada, on US 95 (not 395, my bad) between Tonopah and Hawthorne.

    Ironically, there does happen to be a legal brothel a few miles from that sign (the WildKat Ranch in nearby Mina). And to clairfy NV Resident’s post, state law permits prostitution in counties with a population of less than 400,000, which excludes the state’s major poulation centers. Currently eight counties house legal brothels, and in 2007 a law was overturned allowing legal brothels to advertise in counties where prostitution is illegal. Las Vegas mayor Oscar Goodman has in the past few years proposed not only overturning the population rule (thus allowing legal brothels in Las Vegas), but turning a section of Fremont Street east of Las Vegas Boulevard (“The Strip”) into a red-light district similar to that of Amsterdam.

  17. SteveR says:

    Hey, I’m feeling my constitutional rights sliding into peril. Forget the shovels. We need a Jarbridge Crustacean Brigade.

  18. Zoidburg says:

    Does this mean Zoidburg is not allowed? :[

  19. Never Been to Vegas says:

    The comments are better than the sign!

  20. save the whales says:

    that’s ok. i live in illinois, where killing whales is illegal.
    i’ve yet to see this rare species of inland whale, but i’m
    sure they’re out there.

  21. jenny says:

    Thanks for putting this out there

  22. Hugh Jass says:

    I went to H.S. in Nevada. We’d get the annual boy’s only lecture in the gym about health issues, mostly VD. During the Q & A he was asked what else he did besides trying to scare students with slide shows. He inspected working girls! They’re evaluated periodically (no pun intended) and are licensed, etc. Legalize prostitution and student health lectures will be much more interesting!

  23. L says:

    With so many good stuff legal, who needs lobsters?

  24. Dread says:

    Lobster might be illegal… but if you visit a hooker, you might get lucky and catch some crabs.

  25. ransack says:

    here’s an article about state law enforcement officials in nevada raiding a man’s crayfish farm in 2003 and destroying thousands of them because of the same law

  26. why so srs says:

    fuck up obama, I’m goin’ to vegas

  27. Christie says:

    Its because he grows them himself in the middle of the desert. Ive been here. Its not a natural place for ocean animals.

  28. Paul Cilwa says:

    You will not get crabs from a legal prostitute in Nevada. They are licensed, and frequently tested. Brothels have very strict rules they must follow and do, since it makes no sense to be an illegal prostitute where licensed prostitutes are your competition.

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