Fire Alarm Goes WA WA

Funny Signs - Fire Alarm Goes WA WA

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Well, no sh*t Sherlocke, if the fire alarm sounded like a techno version of Bach’s Prelude 21 then I’d consider it sign worthy. -Rauss

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35 Responses to Fire Alarm Goes WA WA

  1. Daniel says:

    Fail alarm sounds like a repeating “wa wa wa”.

  2. Your Lord And Master Foamy says:


  3. kvweber says:

    So, how can I tell then if it’s the fire alarm or just someone’s tired baby?

  4. fred says:

    this fire alarm use a crybaby

  5. Rauss says:

    Well, no sh*t Sherlocke, if the fire alarm sounded like a techno version of Bach’s Prelude 21 then I’d consider it sign worthy.

  6. alber_ab_94 says:

    wa wa rah rah rah oh la oh lalaa wa wa(8)

  7. Frax says:

    “Cut out the wa-wa’s, Klinger”

  8. Seibee says:

    Onomatopoeia sign is made of awesome.

  9. Sparrow says:

    Actually, I wish Facilities had sent out a note or something like that when they installed a new fire alarm system. The old one was a Klaxon, the new one went “ERRT! ERRT! ERRT!” First time it went off, nobody knew what it was. Good thing it was only a drill.

  10. Devil Dan says:

    When I was young, our fire alarm at school was a pice of rail hanging from a rope and we were grateful for it.

  11. TheCannyScot says:

    So, Charlie Brown’s teacher is really the fire alarm?

  12. Basara549 says:

    On a more serious note, some places have more than one alarm type. For example, the building might have alarmed security doors.

    And, most schools (and a number of businesses) I’ve been in since the 90s have a second alarm setting, that sounds different from the fire alarm. The “Fire alarm” sound means “get the hell away from the building.” The other alarm sound, which is also drilled for, and only triggered from the office, is one for “Get the hell inside and into the shelter area, because a tornado’s been spotted in the vicinity.”

    As aggravating as a fire alarm or burglar alarm is, there’s not much more scary than hearing the tornado alarm going off in a building and knowing it’s not a drill, with shelter consisting of hallways and bathrooms.

  13. L says:

    What’s a “Wa Wa”? New bird species or something?

  14. Pedrox says:

    My roflcopter goes soi soi soi

  15. Kelly Ann says:

    Oh my dear bladder! I almost peed my pants.

  16. TOPCTEH says:

    A fire alarm played by a wah wah guitar?

  17. The Sticky Stick says:

    fire alarm goes wa wa
    fire goes om nom nom

  18. BJ says:

    This made me nearly pee my pants!!!!!! I laughed for a full 20 minute before writing this, the funniest sign ever!

  19. Scarecrow says:

    The fire alarm in our university halls screams at us in Welsh first, then English.

  20. dethscul says:

    ‘In case of fire, pass wa wa’

  21. Halfway says:

    Ah, but what if it just goes EEEEEEEEEN EEEEEEEEN EEEEEEN at me?!

  22. Doug says:

    …they must have recorded a baby.

  23. defaultisset says:

    Now I want to hear a techno version of Bach’s Prelude 21… Is there one?

    No really, is there?

  24. Eelpop says:

    It’s not the fire alarm, it’s just Kirk Hammett.

  25. Kes says:



  26. funnir says:

    wai tsubasa kimi wa tsgari auai tsugiru tamani stgarata ugiro!!!! guess what song.

  27. Nunya says:

    The fire alarms on the bus goes “Wa wa wa!”

  28. JayTee says:

    You mean like that George Harrison song?

  29. Frederica Bimble says:

    I worked in one of the government buildings in the UK and this sign was hanging on the wall about 3 feet away from my desk. I remember laughing about it.

  30. 3mo Pwny Association says:

    there should be a fire alarm that rickrolls pranksters.

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