They Attack… From Behind

They Attack... From Behind

Submitted by: Unknown

The big issue here is that he doesn’t understand personal space.

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28 Responses to They Attack… From Behind

  1. Dave says:

    I normally don’t cry “SHOPPED” at everything I see, but…


    MBMC (Manhattan Beach Municipal Code) 12.08.04E states…

    “E. No person shall jump, dive or throw himself from the pier which extends into the Pacific Ocean at the foot of Manhattan Beach Boulevard unless such action is immediately”

    The sign originally said, “Beware Jumping From Pier.” the lack of black pock marks around the shopped part is a good clue, too.

    My pet gay walrus was very disappointed. :*-( (The asterisk means he’s crying)

  2. Rashid says:

    Isn’t this a repeat? I saw it before…

  3. Hazzat says:

    This one looks ‘shopped.

  4. s26 says:

    nice to see this legendary shopped image re-posted, I haven’t got over it since it was first posted.
    It may be shopped, but does it matter?

    • Music-chan says:

      It does a bit. These are suppose to be funny because they’re REAL, not because someone replaced the non-funny words with something they thought to be more amusing.

    • Boxstacker says:

      Yes, it does matter. I’m interested in actual strange signs, not “some photoshopped joke that some dude somewhere thought would be funny.”

  5. ianb says:

    Why would a signwriter write the first two words in one font, and the rest in another….?

  6. DeadBob says:

    Shopped, yes. But still very funny.
    In a homophobically insensitive way

  7. xdontpanic says:

    The title was unnecessary.

  8. alexander the so so says:

    Does he have 8 peni’? if so, don’t watch cops near the pier.

  9. poco says:

    Old picture is old… as old as the internet.

  10. ther1 says:

    The new Super Mario game has taken a decidedly raunchy tone…

  11. steve says:

    Where Jack Flash ended up.

  12. The Amazing Rando says:

    Jumping Gay Walrus thinks his bukkit is FABULOUS!!

  13. Science_Nerd says:


  14. Thalia says:

    Give him a bukkit. Maybe then he’ll leave you alone.

  15. Aaron says:

    So now they have a sign warning about me. Weird…

  16. rinoboy says:

    The M.B.M.C. at the bottom of the sign means “Mainly Because of Monster Cock!”
    IMHO, I think that they should put that in bold letters.

  17. Broc says:

    if it was gay it certainly wouldnt matter unless you were out walking a regular walrus.

  18. Blubber Boy says:

    How does his trainer know he’s gay? (ick).

  19. SSANDERSON says:

    this was made in mixico,s o the j sounds like an h, making this sign say BEWARE HUMPING GAY WALRUS

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