An Announcement Regarding the Relocation of Photographs of Humorous Signs

Oddly Specific is moving, and we got our hands on a transcript of the deal-making conversation!

*Phone Rings*

OS: M-yello?
FB: Hey, bro. It’s Failblog.
OS: Whaddup, Feebs?
FB: Nothing much. I was just wondering if I could capture your soul and put it in a jar over my fireplace?
OS: o.O …Do what now?
FB: Don’t worry, bro. I’m totally leveling-up over here, and I want your signs.
OS: I guess, sure. But what about my people? How are they gonna find me all jumbled up in your business?
FB: Tags, muthaf**kah! Check it: If they just wanna see your stuff, they can copypasta that into the browser & bookmark it. I’m even gonna go ahead and update all their RSS feeds automatically, so they only get things tagged “oddly specific.” LIKE A BOSS!
OS: Word, bird. I’m down.


All our server-ducks need to be in a row before we can send JUST the tagged stuff, which is why many of you have gotten all of Failblog’s posts this morning. The feed should be updated/changed by tonight (Nov 10). We’re not trying to be dicks.

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62 Responses to An Announcement Regarding the Relocation of Photographs of Humorous Signs

  1. Crazy_Sharky says:

    They shoukd stop moving domains it is confusing :/

  2. Kristina says:

    I’m actually sad because your captions are way funnier than Failblog’s. Oh well.

  3. smallballs says:

    So this just means that we won’t be able to have a dedicated oddly specific rss feed, is that right?

  4. blah says:

    blah, blah… everything’s getting swallowed up by CHEEZBURGER

  5. TychaBrahe says:

    Oh, just GREAT! Hacked In Real Life was swallowed up and is now some stupid WINS site, with “cool” videos instead of people’s creative and funny hacks.

    I love lolcats. I truly do. But I hate to see my favorite sites get chewed up this way.

  6. Will says:

    I wish you clowns would stop with the constant reshuffles and consolidation. Or at least hurry up and finish and just post everything on ICHCB.

  7. Personally, I prefer having Oddly Specific Signs and Friends of Irony not mixed in with all the crap on Failblog. There is a difference between humor and stupid people injuring themselves, and it is a shame that Failblog is taking over the humor sites.

    • WP says:

      I agree! I was wondering why there were so many Oddly Specific posts on my feed all of a sudden…and then I realized that failblog posts were mixed in! :s

    • WP says:

      Oh, and by the way, that means failblog cheated on their “updating feeds automatically”. Didn’t they say “so they only get things tagged “oddly specific.””?

    • GiveOSBack! says:

      Second that!!!

  8. Al says:

    I like this site, just like I liked Friends of Irony. Neither is a Fail. Well, they are now. It’s too bad.

  9. darthj says:


  10. iamtheprodigy says:

    Noooooo all the best sites are getting eaten by failblog! Autocompleteme used to be awesome and update daily, now it’s a part of failblog and we get like one new one per week. Oddly Specific is one of the best IMO, and now we’ll get like one new sign per week with a bad caption and it will be buried amongst a bunch of images of “hilarious” tow trucks being towed or people tripping and falling. It’s just because failblog is running out of material so they are absorbing all the good sites in the network. THIS SUCKS.

  11. Burk says:

    Failblog is the new Microsoft, buying out the little guys and working them to death.

    Congrats though.

  12. Logan says:

    Stink. Another cool blog gets assimilated.

  13. Tim! says:

    I hope this doesn’t mean that all the oddly specific stuff is going to have FAIL pasted all over it like when Things That Are Doing It got swallowed up. I unsubscribed from TTADI after its merger.

  14. Nomnom says:

    Failblog sucks now. Thanks, Cheezburger Network.

  15. What? says:

    Should have been on Engrish Funny, couldn’t understand a word of it.

  16. Ironica says:

    Ugh. Not EVERYTHING has to have “FAIL” stamped on it to be funny. Especially not signs that are just funny, not fail at all (not win either… just odd. Oddly Specific.)

    Humor doesn’t really do well with standardization. I tried to submit something to Friends of Irony the other day, and gave up, because I didn’t want to stamp FAIL or WIN on it. :-/

  17. RidinTrolly says:

    It’s because of all you douche bags who bitch and whine at every other sign on OS saying…”wahh this one should be on failblog, its not odd or specific, wahhh”. Well here you go cry babies, you’ve screwed us all, hope you’re happy.

  18. peeeeet says:

    Not this one, too! 😦 Already deleted Friends of Irony from my bookmarks, since that stopped being funny the moment they wrote FAIL on every picture.

  19. shin0bi272 says:

    lame… leave things alone… its bad enough you jacked up all the links at the bottom now youre hacking entire sections off to add them to other sections… here’s an idea.. why not spend the money youre spending on this crap and buy some more bandwidth or a faster server… these pages take forever to load.

  20. ramalama says:

    I am just another internets person here to echo the cries of everyone else – stop merging things together! it makes it impossible to find the unique funnies I so enjoy! and it does lead to a decrease in the number of awesome I get each day – something i am not okay with. please stop. you’re making the internet suck.

  21. SoTotallyAgree says:


  22. umm, i, i, i...... forgot says:

    ahhh damnit, not another site that is going, now what? i hope to god they don’t touch very demot, or I’m going to be pissed….. and seeing how I’m somewhat online most of the time, and living on the east coast, i won’t be able to do anything about it, but mourn one more funny site forced to dig it’s own grave…………… Rest In Piece oddly specific i will miss you and your fallen brethren and sadly have to put up with the newbs, like every new sack of crap flavored baloney they are spewn out.

  23. jamisings says:

    FailBlog needs to stop eating up all the other good sites. It’s like The Blob of the Cheezburger network!

  24. Wildbreeze says:

    I LOVE oddly specific! I want it SEPARATE from failblog! PLEASE, PLEASE! PLEAAAASE??? 😦 😦
    Don’t change it, pleeeeease!!!
    (Think of the CHILDREN!)

  25. Fish says:

    Cannot unsubscribe hard enough.

  26. LoopDoGG says:

    Cheezeburger, ever heard of the old saying, if its not broke, dont fix it, u may be trying to save money on less administrative costs by merging sites on one server bank, and hence less people do more, buts its going to be off set by less viewers, hence less advertising revenue. Get the message, WE LIKE HAVING OUR DEDICATED RSS FEEDS AND WEBSITES, PERIOD!!!!

  27. Tim! says:

    Yep, I’m done. The oddlyspecific tagged feed is full of videos and FAIL overlays. Bye bye oddlyspecific. When There I Fixed It goes the same way, I will be completely dissociated from the cheezburger network.

  28. Music-chan says:

    Blarg. THis is the second website I’ll have to take off my bookmarks because of a merger. Ah well. It was fun while it lasted.

  29. LoopDoGG says:

    5 thumbs up, 68 down, get the clue yet, i guarantee ill reach 5 to 100 by the end of the day

  30. pissedoff says:

    uhg you retarded retaded failblog gimme back my frweakin friends of irony and oddly specific and all the other you damn bitch!

  31. Trafalgar Law says:

    FB: How are you gentlemen? All your signs are belong to us!

  32. Sam says:

    Do not want.

  33. Aviatrix says:

    Sad. I’ll miss you. Last time I bookmarked a cheezburger site using a tag, it worked for about two weeks, then they changed the tag or something.

    • Grover says:

      I’m even gonna go ahead and update all their RSS feeds automatically, so they only get things tagged “oddly specific.” LIKE A BOSS!

      Seriously? Cause It’s already broken. My feed is suddenly full of stupid morons hurting themselves and all the links from the twitter feed no longer work. Unsubscribed.

  34. LJ says:

    The FAIL blog has FAILED. Seriously. Who needs words stamped across pictures? Signs are signs. Mowing dirt is just stupid.

  35. Woot100 says:

    Make a big site called:
    You could put EVERYTHING THERE!
    There would be like TEN post every morning!
    EVERYBODY who works at CB network can post!
    AND I MEAN EVERBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Then everybody will be happy. 🙂
    But….. if the site turns out to be just one big FAIL,
    You can split it up SO MUCH that it will be
    So, Is this idea fail or win?
    *I was in a hurry.

  36. D-R says:

    Let’s face it, the people on Failblog can get pretty nasty, and their stuff is not usually fun to read. OS, however, was fun and simple. It was just odd signs, and a place to make cute little jokes about them. Now we have to be shoveled into the mean-spirited bin that is Failblog… Tags, shmags, it’s still a boooooo idea. 😦 Le sad.

  37. apollogesus says:

    I used to love this site and share it all the time. Now I will not return. I have deleted my bookmark. Failblog is the ultimate fail!

  38. Non-Sequitur says:

    Okay for Judas’s sake, everyone stop! No, shut up! Hear me out!

    “Cheezburger” is NOT some corporate entity trying to assimilate failblog…..THEY CREATED IT!

    If you disagree with the site-maipulation, then talk to Cheezburger, because it is THEIR NETWORK!

    • JayEff says:

      you’re right, but your last sentence doesn’t make any sense in the context of the rest of your message:
      You say, this blog belonged to Cheezburger to begin with and it still does. Then you say, we have express our displeasure elsewhere, namely at a place that belongs to the cheezburger network instead of here, as if “here” doesn’t belong to the cheezburger network.
      In any case: The moment a “FAIL” appears in this RSS feed, I’m outta here.

    • What? says:

      What do you think people are trying to do by posting here, FFS? trying to get the message over to CB that a lot of people are getting really fed up with good sites being assimilated into other sites and being ruined or effectively ceasing to exist.

  39. zyphkuma says:

    I went to bed last night reading the last Oddly Specific post in my RSS Feed in Google Reader (averaging about 4-5 a day), when I woke up this morning, I had 53 Brand new posts in my Reader. I’m not interested in Failblog, please fix this soon, I would rather not leave the network, but reading in RSS is much easier. Please fix all of this so I don’t keep getting Failblog stuff too.

  40. Carl says:

    You know, this would have been fine if the tags worked. They don’t. I’m getting every single stupid people-hurting-themselves FAIL blog post in your muthaf**king “ feed/”. Thanks a lot. I really enjoyed Oddly Specific (and Friends of Irony, before you did the same stupid thing with it), but if I have to get every single FAIL post, I’m done. Honestly, what were you hoping to gain by doing this?

  41. Cantello says:


    I’m gonna miss the witty captions, which are now replaces by the omnipresent and obnoxious FAIL.

    Well, good bye, oddly specific! :’-/

  42. kat says:

    I’m getting ALL Failblog items in the feed now, not just Oddly Specific. Please fix.

  43. CF says:

    This and Friends of Irony were the two reasons I even started looking at this site. Now they’ve replace Friends with the stupid tatoos and santas thing.

    Seriously thinking about just not comming back if I have to dig through crap I don’t want to look at just to find the stuff I do want.

    Just watch next it’ll be Failbook getting eaten.

  44. Dan says:

    So now there is no longer an RSS feed for OS. Instead, this morinng I got spammed with sixty-one unhumorous photos that needed to have “FAIL” stamped on them in order to be even remotely funny.

    Thanks for the good times, Oddly Specific. I’m afraid I won’t be coming back.

  45. Word Monkey says:

    That’s a shame. I don’t subscribe, but the Failblog site has become so junked up that half the time the home page fails to fully load. I rarely bother with Failblog any more. Oh well, it’s been a fun ride here, thanks.

  46. Erik says:

    Hi Cheezburger folks, shooting yourselves in the foot again I see!

  47. Stace says:

    Your RSS tagging is FAIL made real – I’m seeing the entire failblog feed. So long, Oddly Specific. I’ll miss you.

  48. Wolfy says:

    Thumbs down on the FAIL Blog merger crap.

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