Hugger Muggers!

Hugger Muggers!

Submitted by: Unknown

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16 Responses to Hugger Muggers!

  1. Dave says:

    No “Big Jugs Thugs,” eh?

  2. I’m fairly sure a guy tried this on me when I was in England, actually. Good thing for concealed money belts.

  3. Cyberkedi says:

    Definitely not members of Mensa!

  4. schmooze says:

    Also the name of a book (and the racehorse in it) by the late lamented Robert B. Parker..

  5. Adaros says:

    Free hugs and wallets?

  6. Damage says:

    Yeah, I had got mugged in this way the other day, a really hot chick came up, gave me a huge hug and when It was over the wallet in my back pocket was gone!

    Happens pretty often, I got done on monday, twice on tuesday, thursday and 4 times on saturday.

    Btw, you can get cheap wallets at the $2 shop 😉

    • not_write says:

      see i would keep rat traps in my pockets and sue for sexual assault and emotional damages…but i’m a bit insane…

  7. bitbot says:

    They should also warn people about rugger buggers.

  8. technofortomcats says:

    A guy in Sydney tried this once on me. All he got was some sore wedding vegetables.

  9. TsarCat says:

    Wasn’t there a bit on the Muppet Show about hugger muggers?

    • bitbot says:

      I believe that was Hugga Wugga.

    • apersonreplyingtothecomment says:

      It had ‘Hugga Wugga” in it… but also “Hugger Mugger.”
      That’s what I thought right away.
      And what my mother thought when I emailed her this.

  10. Henk the Killer says:

    Huggers gonna hug.

  11. un1k3n says:

    I was robbed, but I feel loved. It’s a trade-off.

  12. Danger says:

    In an emergency always call 999.

  13. ethernaught says:

    a mate of mine stopped a normal mugger once by hugging him he didn’t let go till the mugger gave him £10 to clear off

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