I’ll Set My (Hopefully Very Precise) Watch

I'll Set My (Hopefully Very Precise) Watch

Submitted by: Cattzs

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13 Responses to I’ll Set My (Hopefully Very Precise) Watch

  1. Jedit says:

    Sigh… it’s a CHURCH meeting, as you might have guessed from the Lutheran Centre sign behind it. The verse is probably John 6:37 – “Whosoever comes to me I shall never drive away”. So the sign is just a fancy religious way of saying “All welcome”.

    • Octavio says:

      Not everyone is so stupid to believe on religion, so some of us might not know that kind of things

    • Brian says:

      but some are smart enough to see “Lutheran Center” on the other sign.

    • Jedit says:

      Indeed. The people who are not stupid consider what they’re going to say and make sure they’re right before making unfounded assertions. Which is why, when I thought “That’s a bible reference”, did a quick internet search to see if there was a verse that fit before I posted. In that way, nobody could come back to me to tell me there was no such verse and make me look like a complete moron.

      You know, like what just happened to you when you assumed I was a stupid religious person and I turn out to be an atheist.

    • 123abc says:

      You have the worst case of unwarranted self importance that I’ve ever seen.
      Time to grow up

    • ToplessBetty says:

      C’mon 123, you didn’t laugh even a little at that comment?

    • Jedit says:

      Though of course I cannot say for sure, I’d accept wagers that “123abc” is actually Octavio.

  2. sb says:

    i think what happened was the signmaker asked”what time are we doing the free food on tuesday?” and the host of the event probably said “Probably around 6:30, 7” so the signmaker wrote what he heard “Free Food, 6:37” LOL

  3. Derek says:

    This is actually a photo from the Lutheran Center at Georgia Tech. I have no idea why it is so specific though…

  4. Durfae says:

    I agree with Jedit, sounds more like it. Or we expect too much from people.

  5. Mrs Rochester says:

    this is the oldest “cool youth group” move in the book. they mean 6:37.

  6. IntangibleTruth says:

    OMG thats on the Georgia Tech campus! i see that sign every tuesday! :DD

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