A Convincing Argument

A Convincing Argument

Submitted by: Unknown

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8 Responses to A Convincing Argument

  1. André Pudiesi says:

    Could you please spell “everywhere” right?

  2. Lord Bounty says:

    All I see in a broken link, and the label “A convincing argument.” For a second I thought I was back on artoftrolling.com

  3. Someone says:

    Could I at least feed them the food they pooped on? Would be a waste to just throw it away.

  4. Barf_Vader says:

    Well, shit happens!

  5. satsumo says:

    This seems like a sensible request to me. You see signs like this almost any place where this is a significant population of seagulls. Some places will fine you for feeding the birds.

  6. Blargh says:

    It’s a vicious circle. You feed them, they crap on your food, you don’t want it anymore and give it to them, and the cycle repeats ad infinatum. Well played seagulls, well played…

  7. Allen says:

    Feed the seagulls? I’ve had them dive bomb my plate and steal my french fries! Where’s my shotgun?

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