Yes, but is it Hot?

Yes, but is it Hot?

Submitted by: Unknown

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13 Responses to Yes, but is it Hot?

  1. Keanu Reeves says:

    I don’t get it. Is this iced tea?

  2. Leox says:

    They must be kidding

  3. Caleb says:

    yeah right. wait, really? nahhhhh

  4. Arc says:

    “…please don’t sue us.”

  5. gerudo says:

    so its cold water, right?

  6. Someone says:

    *sues company for burning my mouth due to drinking this product*

  7. Sammi says:

    This should be on the Dunkin Donuts containers. I bought a hot cocoa 5 days ago and it said “Caution: Hot”. I didn’t think it would be /that/ hot, so I tried some. My tongue is STILL in pain. I don’t think “hot” conveys how scalding hot that cocoa is.

  8. KrisL says:

    Hot chocolate sold in restaurants, etc. is usually extremely hot. Have to wait 5 minutes at least to avoid burning off taste buds. Irritating. Don’t want to sue, just want something I can drink.

  9. Thalia says:

    Someone really doesn’t want to get sued.

  10. Photo Poster says:

    Ironically enough, the water coming out of the container was lukewarm. =/
    I was quite disappointed.

  11. Feisty One says:

    They need a cup that says “temperature of the sun!”

  12. Local says:

    Indianapolis FTW!

  13. Gothic Blonde says:

    o rly? ._o

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