They Need a Bigger Tank

They Need a Bigger Tank

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16 Responses to They Need a Bigger Tank

  1. Lizard says:

    I’m thinking this must just be one truck out of the most massive fleet of tanker trucks ever assembled.

  2. Qbert says:

    My first homepage LOL!

    What a perfect day to post it, thx!

  3. Friendly Floyd says:

    “You think this thing will run, Grampa?”
    “It should, Charlie, it’s got more gas in it than a politician!”

  4. Brittany says:

    HAHA its a port-o-potty truck!!!! It picks up hahahahha

  5. Jessi says:

    I’m thinking it’s one of the trucks that empties porta potties.

    And we all know what they (like politicians and their promises) are full of.

  6. Shipoopi says:

    old, fake, lame, and neigh

    • truth says:

      More like true and awesome!

      (okay, maybe it’s fake as in Photoshopped, but the idea is still true!)

    • Shipoopi says:

      nah, i don’t think it’s fake, i just like throwing that one in there

      but it is very old and lame

      it’s the kind of humor you get in email forwards from your “kooky” aunt

  7. Sarge says:

    It’s on it’s way to fertilize a Tea Party rally.

  8. Ignia says:

    This is accurate. I saw this truck (or rather, one very like it- this tank was black) in Jefferson City, MO (which is amusing if anyone recognizes their geography lessons from 5th grade). I almost took a pic of it, but I had no camera on me.

  9. apcolleen says:

    I saw one of these on a truck here in Jacksonville, FL last week

  10. says:

    I could swear I saw another of these on this very site last week.

  11. sb says:

    its real, i saw one in south florida the other day

  12. Jake says:

    When you’re the driver/owner of a “honey wagon,” you seem to develop an odd sense of humor.

    In Anchorage, AK and surrounding areas there used to be two trucks with great names.

    Turdinator II.

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