Yes = Yes

Yes = Yes

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37 Responses to Yes = Yes

  1. Barf_Vader says:

    Oh no, I pressed the other green button!

  2. Plumbum says:

    But seriously you’d be surprised how many customers just push ENTER because it’s green and in the corner.

    • nic says:

      Maybe because the ENTER button is bigger and a brighter green, vs the YES button being smaller, darker green button. Bigger and brighter gets the attention. (This is an example of how the media and advertising community has taught us sooooo well!!)

  3. Gartar says:

    And WHERE, exactly, would THIS be necessary?!

  4. Šiš Kebap says:

    In my language, Yes is `Mno´ and No is `Ghi´. Which button should I press?

  5. SOE says:

    There’s two green buttons and two yellow buttons. This is highly confusing.

  6. vv says:

    It’s not that obvious. The YES button doesn’t even look like the other buttons, I think I might not it that easily (but again, I will ignore the warning also).

    Damn this banner blindness… 🙂

  7. Exit Academy says:

    I’m colour blind…which yes button do I press?

  8. kb says:

    Yeah, but where’s the “any” key for “press any key”?

  9. thnidu says:

    No, really, this IS confusing. On a lot of dialogue screens — including, probably, some displayed on this very machine — you’re supposed to press ENTER to approve whatever is up there. And when you’re standing in the rain at an off-highway gas station after five hours of driving, with some obnoxious (= I don’t like it at all) music blaring in your ears from the un-turn-off-able speakers on top of the gas pump — yeah, I’ve made that mistake. And whyTF don’t they program it to accept ENTER as equivalent to YES?

    • domerdaver says:

      Re the last question.

      Perhaps because when the operation calls for use of Yes, the previous operation had used the Enter key, so double-pressing Enter had led to unwanted consequences when Enter=Yes.

  10. Someone says:

    *Reads sign*
    *Ignores sign, presses ENTER*

  11. Daniel Barkalow says:

    Not to mention that the “Yes” and “Cancel” buttons look like labels, being flat and next to buttons that stick up and matching the colors of buttons whose labels indicate similar purposes. The directly helpful information would probably be a label over the left column that says “These are also buttons”. If there wasn’t a “Yes” button, and they wanted you to use the “Enter” button for “Yes” (because the software didn’t match the hardware), they might add labels that look exactly like the Yes, No, and Cancel buttons.

  12. Ron Moses says:

    I have to admit, I’ve found this confusing myself. The pumps at my local station used to have little Yes/No/whatever labels just next to the buttons you were supposed to push. The labels looked exactly like those buttons in the picture. Then one day these new panels appeared, and it’s not immediately obvious that those are even buttons. I might have pressed ‘1’ thinking that it served as the Yes button for that particular function. Of course I get it now, but it’s not an especially intuitive layout.

  13. Justin S. says:

    Gah… I ran into one of these at a gas station. I put in my card, typed in my zip and pressed “enter”. I tried it with two different cards, and each time it tells me it was “rejected” and to see the clerk – not that I was hitting the wrong button.

    To top it off I got a snotty attitude from the minimum wage idiot behind the counter when I commented on the card reader acting odd.

  14. Bleh says:

    It could be good. Depends. Do we get shitty 80s pop Yes? Or awesome 70s prog Yes?

  15. jocuro says:

    Ah, yes. The reflective property. A = A. Therefore, Yes = Yes. We spent almost half an hour studying the reflective property at my school. I don’t know why. It seems fairly simple to understand. But, for those of you confused by such things, this sign exists to help.

  16. Jacklu says:

    To be fair, I work at a gas station and people really are stupid enough to need instructions like this. -_-

    • Digital_Utopia says:

      I actually had one customer that was completely confused that they couldn’t get gas during a power outage.

  17. El says:

    But… which button do I press for “no”???

  18. Cats says:

    Some people really are just dense. Where I work, I get several people a week who, upon swiping their card on the credit reader and it’s waiting for their payment selection, ask: “it’s credit, so do I hit the button that says ‘Credit’?” Seriously, what else would you think you need to press?

  19. Snide Remarks says:

    I’m not pressing it until you make it look like a button, rather than a printed label. *Waits*

  20. Kate says:

    Yeah but what do i do for “No”? press it twice?

  21. Locane says:

    Yeah I looked at the Enter button and thought that’s why it was supposed to be funny, then found the “yes” button after a second look.

  22. Neo says:

    I have worked in several places with not-Americans who do not realize that toilet paper (*used*) can in fact be flushed in the toilet, not piled on the floor next to the toilet. Or that pee goes into the urinal, not on the floor around the urinal. Just cuz you have an MBA does not change the fact that you grew up without indoor plumbing.

  23. Loler (click here, it won't do anything) says:

    Captain obvious strikes again.

  24. drydfghdfjh says:

    I think that “yes”, “no” and “cancel” on this photo are in fact just labels that mean to indicate that you need to hit 1 for yes, 4 for no and clear for cancel.

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