That’s One (Very Specific) Way of Doing It

That's One (Very Specific) Way of Doing It

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20 Responses to That’s One (Very Specific) Way of Doing It

  1. TheCannyScot says:

    And stacked up.

  2. Snide Remarks says:

    Oooo! But what are you going to do to me onsite, Big Boy? *batting eyelashes*

  3. Sarge says:

    Me first! I want a fork-lift ride!

  4. zhoen says:

    We have a forklift, and we’re not afraid to use it.

  5. Genki says:

    And they’ll do it through your windows

  6. CK159 says:

    Here lies the hubcap of the last car to occupy this spot.

  7. Barf_Vader says:

    It’s great for people who need a lift.

  8. mabhatter says:

    we should have had this sign at the steel mill I worked at. Our primary melting scrap was chopped up car bits!!!

  9. Allen says:

    I’d love to do that! Just to see the expression on the owners face as I go trundling by with their car on my forks!

  10. Cosplay Horatio says:

    I’ve seen that happen before at airports in Pakistan.

  11. Jabraille says:

    Everybody sing!!!

    “He TRIIIIIIIIIIIIED to kill me with a forkliiiiiiiift…”

    • cjvs1604 says:

      now strap in tight…
      lets get set for action…
      now launch the ship…
      out from the sand…


    • VmKid says:

      This is the song
      written for the train chase.
      This is the chase,
      Rocky and Ken!

  12. K says:

    I’m tempted to park there just to see how long it takes them to get a fork lift out there.

  13. peppy says:

    I want a ride!!!!

  14. Ford says:

    Where I used to work, I understand there was an installer who came in earlier than anyone else, got his work done fast, and left earlier than anyone else. (Since installers got paid for piece work and not by the hour, this was his prerogative.) However, he always parked in an area that truckers needed to use so they could back their trucks into the door. One day, the supervisor got fed up with this and forklifted the installer’s car, and placed it sideways between two of the slowest employees in the company. The installer, naturally, was furious; when he was finished with his installs, he had to wait until everybody else in the company had left before he himself could leave.

    Karma’s a bitch, huh?

  15. ther1 says:

    The Strongbadia of 2050.

  16. peacho says:

    Title definitely should have been “That’s One (Oddly Specific) Way of Doing It”.

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