Good. French-Fry Stealing Bastards.

Good. French-Fry Stealing Bastards.

Submitted by: Unknown

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14 Responses to Good. French-Fry Stealing Bastards.

  1. Sarge says:

    The sad part is, the sign makers were not kidding.

    • Ska Pino says:

      The only reason why I quit throwing cigarette butts on the ground is I quit smoking. These sign makers would rather see some trashcans on fire? Smokers, please: if there is no ashtray, throw ’em on the ground!

    • Mitsuki says:

      If there is no ashtray you probably aren’t supposed to be smoking there.

    • Jenn says:

      Awh man I wish there was a like button for some of these replies. I agree put your cig out all the way and throw it in the garbage. It’s not difficult, its lazy other wise. Not to mention disgusting no one wants to see a million cig butts lying around their city. Looks filthy.

  2. shin0bi272 says:

    I have to ask who voted this down? Seagulls and pigeons are rats with wings and they should be allowed to be shot without a license.

  3. LoopDoGG says:

    Damn chain smokin seagulls…..

  4. huxley says:

    Poor smokers, you have to go to the one place where you are allowed to smoke, a seagull infestedd back alley, and then you are ticketed for loitering. You just can’t win.

  5. Daria says:

    Seagulls with cancer? Sounds like a good place to start.

  6. nic says:

    Flying rats that eat garbage that otherwise doesn`t get picked up and just rots, contributing disease and attracting real rats, who carry such lovely diseases such as bubonic plague. (Still happens, believe it or not – I`ll take pidgeons over rats anytime. Pick up your buts, people!!

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