I See What You Did There

I See What You Did There

If this was my park, I’d pay a guy to sit off to the side with a snare drum and cymbal to “bah-dum, psh!” after everyone read the sign.

Submitted by: guilhem

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20 Responses to I See What You Did There

  1. DirtySheepdip says:

    lol, canadian humour

    • BP92 says:

      Agreed. Canadian humour FTW! Metric is so much better than imperial. That’s why I wish the US would convert to metric.

    • I think the system we have now is pretty decent enough. I think it’s a lot easier to learn Imperial first then Metric as opposed to the other way around. I also think that knowledge is power, so the more systems you know, the better off you are.

      Having a reason to know Metric beyond high school for the average American would probably help them remember it a bit more, I do admit.

    • Sarge says:

      And I wish the Americans would stop being ignorant retards who still think their country is the envy of the civilized world. But hey, your goal sounds like it has a better chance of actually being achieved. Lets work on getting them to convert to metric. Achievable goals: It’s what’s made Canada the country it is today.

    • sionnach says:

      The U.S. is technically a metric country but they don’t enforce it because the government doesn’t want to make the people think.

    • Anonymous (not really it's Alix!) says:

      the metric system DOES make more sense. Hey, you know what I just realized? My country is STUPID.

    • teatime of death says:

      You just realized this?

  2. borderoffail says:


  3. Val says:

    great, though most people are so stupid, they still wouldnt get it…kudos to the originator!

  4. Sionnach_Teine says:

    This is North Vancouver. Who ever does the signs has an odd sense of humor. These signs aren’t the only example. There are deer warning signs that have pictures of camels or rhinos or various other animals.

  5. a guy that lol'd says:

    icy whachoo did thar

  6. icanhashamzterz says:

    omg it took me a while but i got it lolz i had to read the comments (which were no help btw)
    but its not my fault im still in school

    • teatime of death says:

      Unless you are in a grade below third, then it is inexcusable. From a person still in school. Oh, and btw I can capitalize words correctly too.

  7. Seattle_Dave says:

    “bah-dum, psh!”*

    *sometimes correctly called a rimshot

  8. another loler says:

    But if I am going out on a date, can I METER there?

  9. Riddle says:

    Hehehehe, this made me laugh. Go the metric system!

  10. Royale with Cheese says:

    … but the little green men asked me to take them to my litre, so here we are.

  11. Brakos says:

    Hey, my Gram’s been there…

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