Seriously, What Does This Mean?

Seriously, What Does This Mean?

Submitted by: Melanie

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148 Responses to Seriously, What Does This Mean?

  1. Hering says:

    Restroom for women and disabled ones?

  2. Gustav says:

    It’s a wedding dress. Women in wedding dresses appreciate more space when they go the bathroom.

    • The other Sarah says:

      I had the same idea. It’s not uncommon for restaurants that often ‘do’ wedding diners to have a special bridestoilet.

  3. MrBossMan says:

    Southern belles are required to dance with the handicapped at this ball?

  4. Random says:

    it means that a disabled man is doing your mom

    • Starsky says:

      You can say that again…

    • ZZZZZZZZZZ says:

      yourmomyourmomyourmomyourmomyourmomyourmomyourmomyourmomyourmomyourmomyourmomyourmomyourmomyourmomyourmomyourmomyourmomyourmomyourmomyourmomyourmomyourmomyourmomyourmomyourmomyourmomyourmomyourmomyourmomyourmomyourmomyourmomyourmomyourmomyourmomyourmomyourmomyourmomyourmomyourmomyourmomyourmomyourmomyourmomyourmomyourmomyourmomyourmom – so original – LAME

  5. Random says:

    it means that a disabled man is doin` your mom

  6. CJ says:

    Maybe this is from a wedding chapel, and that’s supposed to be a bride in a huge poofy dress? I’m guessing one would need the extra space that the handicap stall would provide if one’s dress was that poofy. Just a guess.

    • cvanbrederode says:

      Don’t where it is, but it probably means for handicapped and ladies in dresses involving hoops.

      Civil war re-enactments and the like usually have a larger than normal number of jumbo (handicap) portable toilets for all the hoop skirts, especially around the civilian camps. 19th century women’s fashions do not fit in modern bathrooms…

    • Lynx says:

      We see these signs at ren faires as well for the laddies in Nobles Garb all the extra skirts and whale bone won’t fit in a “normal” stall

    • laura says:

      I went to this event. (you can see the logo on the bottom of the paper)
      And you are right! It means for handicapped and ladies in dresses involving hoops. This event takes place in The Netherlands.

    • Bonnie says:

      That is EXACTLY what it is for! Thank you to someone who understands. I go civil war reenacting myself, and I know how tricky it is to control everything in a tiny restroom stall. ALL the ladies who reenact use the handicapped stall.

    • blarg says:

      Excellent answer. Makes sense to me.

    • bitbot says:


      [He he he he he]


    • Thalia says:

      Are you British? Or are you five?

    • blah says:

      are u a jerk or u a jerk. were all here to have fun

    • blah says:

      are you a jerk or are you a jerk? we are all here to have fun.

    • Jesslin says:

      That’s exactly what I thought when I saw the sign! 🙂 Must be a rennie/reenactor thing – I didn’t even think of wedding dresses.

  7. John Anthony says:

    Ah, the suspense of maths! It’s like a riddle.

    A cripple plus a woman in a Victorian era dress equals…WHAT, DAMMIT – TELL US NOW!!!

    (My only guess is babies wearing tutus and roller skates.)

  8. Larry says:

    Oooh. I think I found out. I believe it’s handicap and plus size women…wow, that’s interesting…haha!

  9. Elf says:

    It’s a sign posted at the entrance to the Elf Fantasy Fair, a large fantasy festival in the Netherlands. It shows that this entrance is wider, for wheelchairs and hoop skirts.

  10. zerobandwidth says:

    “This stall is larger for the convenience of wheelchair users and women in fancy dresses.”


    “Mr Hawking, your bachelor party is right this way.”

  11. Gemenon says:

    I think its a sign for Heidi, or maybe Wendy, but the pigtails are missing?

  12. PL says:

    Actually, it is a restroom for the disabled and big costumes.
    The picture depicts a Victorian hoop dress, in which going to a bathroom at renaissance fairs can be quite the challenge. The reason they are depicted together is because of the extra room a restroom for disabled provides

    • Lytrigian says:

      Why would someone be wearing a Victorian hoop dress at a Renaissance faire?

    • jaynie says:

      Disorganized time traveller?

    • Mrs Rochester says:


    • Rachel of Cyberia says:

      That’s why I can’t go to ren fests anymore. The anachronisms drive me crazy.

    • mabhatter says:

      Anachronists have their own group, thank you very much. Ren Fest folks are just weird… but oddly attracting… like a moth to the flame.

    • Lytrigian says:

      To be fair (hah!) for some Ren Faires the climate isn’t terribly suitable for the full array of period underwear. I used to work the NorCal Ren Faire back when it was relatively good. For a Ren Faire they were very big on authenticity, but were willing to bend the rules when it came to underskirts in the 90+ degree heat.

    • Inara says:

      This is why I always liked the idea of going to Renfests dressed as characters from time-travel movies/shows. Embrace the anachronism.

    • Dutchie says:

      It’s not a Renaissance Faire,
      It’s the Elf Fantasy Fair in the Netherlands. You can go there dressed as whatever you like, and there are quite a few Victorian hoop dresses there!

  13. ubi dubium says:

    Could also be at a Renfair or re-enactor event. Ladies in Hoopskirts require the extra room of the handicapped stalls. I speak from experience.

  14. Totally Wrong says:

    It’s obviously for handicapped people and women with huge asses, because we all know getting a fat ass into a regular stall would be horrible!

  15. Biri says:

    Reserved for the quadriplegic/Southern Belle-themed marriage?

  16. unfmeghan says:

    Reserved for Lady Gaga and other handicapped individuals?

  17. bob_super says:

    Your therapy today consists of time on the expensive designer chair providing only lumbar and calf support, then you need to stand up behind the overturned bathtub…
    This spa is a friggin’ ripoff!!!

  18. LJ says:

    It’s for brides. When you are dealing with a full length size dress with hoops and/or petticoats underneath, it is impossible to “go” without more room than in a normal stall. You can’t even get into a normal stall and close the door with a hoopskirt on. (Yes, I’m speaking from experience)

    And just to add to the TMI catagory: it’s also almost impossible to “go” without one or two people managing the dress by standing around you and holding it up.

  19. Drusky says:

    “All quadriplegic must conceal wheelchair under a poofy dress.”

  20. dani, the geek says:

    hmmm… must be somewhere with historical re-enactors… the ladies with the hoop skirts usually try for the handicapped stall… much safer all around.

  21. bob_super says:

    Today, the Spanish inquisition will torture you with the comfy chair and the soft cushion.

  22. Rose says:

    Maybe they finally realized that the only bathroom a bride in her dress can realistically use is the handicapped stall.

  23. Zaphod says:

    Toilet reserved for disabled and women in wide dresses with hoop-skirts.
    So CJ is right. It’s seen often at medevil- and fantasyfestivals.

  24. Michael says:

    Seriously, a restroom for disabled and fat chicks

  25. sumtin says:

    You see these signs a lot at the porto potties at Ren fests or fantasy fairs, it means the bathrooms are meant for handicapped and people wearing giant hoop skirts…

  26. Ly says:

    The logo in the bottom gives it away:

    This is a restroom for the disabled and women in dresses with large hoops, like they used to wear a couple ‘o hundred years ago. They are not uncommon at the Elf Fantasy Fair, where guests come in costumes of all types and sizes. Apart from the normal movable restrooms they have on the festival terrain, they also have these for visitors with elaborate and large costumes.

  27. Wendy says:

    I suspect this is from a historical reenactment place – women in hoop skirts really would need the space that a disabled stall provides.

  28. Arak says:

    Just in case an XVIII century female space traveller would show up.

  29. Liz says:

    I think this is handicapped and urinals. The second figure is standing in front of the urinal.

  30. SM says:

    Well, duh!
    It’s a loo for handicapped persons and women wearing hoopskirts! This does include wedding dresses, but I am betting this sign is located at a place that there are regular Civil War re-enactments or Renaissance Faires.

  31. HiThere says:

    Hi, I can clearify this I think, because I’ve seen the sign myself XD

    It’s a WC sign from a Dutch Fantasy event called Elf Fantasy fair, where people come dressed in victorian clothing and such. So most of the ladies wear petticoats or a hoop skirt. So that’s why this sign has a lady on it with a very wide skirt XD it’s much easier that way, being able to fit yourself into a handicap person- sized cabin instead of messing around with huge skirts in a much too small WC XD

    sorry if my English isn’t that good XD

  32. mandy says:

    I actualy know this. Its taken at a fantasy event { sort of a renaissance fair, but with dragons and stuff.}

    This toilet is for disabled and ladies in hooped dresses/skirts. As they can not fit in a normal sized toilet door 🙂

  33. Gavottes says:

    This is fanfic for the torrid romance between FDR and Mary Todd Lincoln.
    In this story FDR, time traveler and Casanova, jumps into the year and undies of all first ladies over the course of US history.

    Wait’ll you see the filth they put up about Martha Washington…

  34. slatfatf says:

    toilet for differently abled and women in a musical involving children and the king of Siam, et cetera et cetera et cetera.

  35. geekgirl says:

    As it’s been said, anyone who has had to go while wearing a hoop skirt knows exactly what this sign means. Nothing quite like trying to get a six hoop into a regular stall.

  36. andy says:

    It’s hacked IRL. The skirt is drawn on a male stick figure.

  37. mabhatter says:

    For Heavy Fighters and their Ladies?

  38. mortis says:

    you need to watch my big fat gypsy wedding to understand this one. their wedding dresses are so big they struggle go walk and often leave scars. they look almost exactly like the pictogram. big poofy and impractical. therefore they probably need to use a disabled toilet to squat.

  39. kip says:

    clearly crossdressing allows the lame to walk.

  40. chester says:

    this is where singles with hoopskirts and anyone wheelchair bound can meet for fun and intimacy. These places are becoming more in vogue all the time. I’d buy the renaissance fair explanation but why the + sign?

  41. Alisha says:

    I think it means a disabled restroom for women, however, it might mean if you use that restroom you could be transported to a time when hoop skirts were used (Civil War, ect….), be fitted for one and then sent back to current time only to be questioned why are you now wearing a hoop Skirt…..but, in the words of Monty Python ” and now for something completely different……………………Coconuts!!!!!”

  42. Cheerful Hamster says:

    It means doing a Hula dance will put you in a wheelchair. Isn’t it obvious?

  43. canihazhackedfailgraphinengrish says:

    It’s simply the men’s restroom. They’re saying that one able-bodied man = a handicapped man + a woman. Obviously a bit sexist, but there. Mystery solved.

  44. says:

    He likes big butts and he cannot lie.

  45. Kimberly says:

    I see these every year at the Dickens Fair in San Francisco. Hoop skirts for the Victorian dresses requires a large stall.

  46. I C U P says:

    is it advertising a disabled sir mixalot?

  47. Charlie says:

    Fat bottomed girls will be riding today?

  48. slytherinangel says:

    It’s so obvious. Wheelchaired person + fairy godmother = modern cinderella.

  49. Taiko says:

    “I’m sorry, the princess is in another cubicle”

  50. hdgh3i6t7t says:

    It’s a sign designating a rest room for the children of handicapped men and transvestites.

  51. Emma says:

    Its a bigger stall 4 handicaps and people in poofy dresses.

  52. Kai-Jo says:

    I agree with The Wedding Dress thing.
    However upon first glance I see it was amde for
    1) Handicapped and
    2) For Princess’s (People who are so picky they need a special bathroom)

  53. jinxed says:

    Solve for X

  54. cheri says:

    As a Civil War re-enactor I would say it’s a bathroom for wheelchairs and hoopskirts (which is a diability in it’s self…)

  55. Madeleine says:

    This is from a dutch fair, were people get dressed up.
    so it’s for women with large dresses.
    It’s a elf fantasy fair.

  56. Amanda says:

    It’s clearly a bathroom sign for people in wheelchairs and women in hoop skirts. So if you are handicapped or Scarlett O’Hara, this is where you go to the bathroom.

  57. Snide Remarks says:

    We’ve all learned something odd from this sign and its comments. People who know about/have been in Renfairs and the like do not tend to read previous posts before posting.

    Why is that??

    • jic says:

      Speaking of Renfairs, I believe that the sign indicates that the bathroom stall is big enough to allow both disabled people and women in bulky skirts or dresses to use it. It’s probably from some sort of historical reenactment or fantasy fair, possibly in Holland. I don’t know why nobody has mentioned this before…

    • MaxxHeadroom says:

      Should have said “We’ve all learned something ‘oddly specific’ from this sign and its comments.” Oddly, I could not agree more…

  58. Allison says:

    Physically… and mentally disabled only

  59. ZZZZZZZZZZ says:

    For the handicapped and Stepford wives only

  60. Steveding says:

    It’s obviously a restroom sign for the handicapped stall, saying its big enough for fatas$es too

  61. raven says:

    You always see this sight at medival festivals on the bathroom doors. For the huge dresses you need more space.

  62. Madman says:

    The end of time?

  63. Kittywitch says:

    As a woman who has tried to use a public restroom in a hoop skirt, I appreciate the consideration.

  64. alskajl; says:

    cripples are bitches.

  65. Kelly says:

    I believe the proper interpretation of this is that it’s for handicapped people or women handicapped by giant bridal gowns.

  66. Dick says:

    Um, as a fan of peeing brides, and wheelchair bound hotties, I immediately knew that justice was finally met. You must be mentally handicapped to have gotten married…

  67. SuckOnThis says:

    It’s prom night.

  68. spacecakex says:

    for handicapped and aunt jemima.

  69. Peter says:

    Its for disabled and pregnant women you idiots.

  70. something number 1 says:

    “e also provide catering services to meet all requirements. And remember, our food is guaranteed not to cause pregnancy. ”
    this is why in Thailand, stick to Thai names for your restauraunts.

    Andyes, its an opn family friendly restaraunt.

  71. something number 1 says:

    oops wrong page :p

  72. Racci says:

    it is for disabled people and women in wedding dresses or ball gowns that need to be held up duh

  73. mika4343 says:

    It means for the physically handicapped and the fashionably handicapped

  74. MaxxHeadroom says:

    I read every comment here word for word and i’m running out of Headroom

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