Population Control

Population Control

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29 Responses to Population Control

  1. Carlos says:

    I wish people really would.

    • Thebes says:

      They have in the past. In case you have not read history it usually gets pretty ugly. Its called Eugenics and that philosophy has killed more people in the past century than all actual war deaths and all crimes by individuals combined.

      Do you till wish for our nation to head down that road? Even as a joke?
      Because these things normally happen during severe economic depressions and times of war, which we are heading into.

    • The One Guy says:

      …neutering would cause a lack of birth, but not death, and despite being one way to enact eugenics, is not the same thing. (Note that I’m not saying it’s necessarily right, and it is in a sense a form of eugenics if done as stated by the sign, but it would not kill “more people in the past century than all actual war deaths and all crimes by individuals combined,” and it wouldn’t be so harmful of a thing that it shouldn’t be joked about.) And I might add that the situation we’re in right now is pretty insignificant when it comes to “severe economic depressions and times of war.”

    • \Nsrf\! says:

      The death toll from WWII was (seriously, just found this out) 67 MILLION. Eugenics and genetic “superiority” was part of it. We instinctively cringe at stuff like this.
      On the other hand, when people with Down’s syndrome have children, we don’t much like that either. (See ‘Sean Penn’)
      What to do???

    • killian says:

      …dude, how the heck did carlos making a joke lead to all this talk about death? it was a joke, chill.

  2. JJ says:

    Nope not shopped tis on US 93

  3. Claudette Voyes says:

    “I really saw it!! It’s in between Polson and Big Arm MT I think.”

  4. Amelia says:

    I’ve seen it, too. I couldn’t tell you where (though I’ve driven a lot of 93, so if that’s what other people are saying, probably there) but I remember it because it amused me…

  5. a guy that lol'd says:

    *pulls out a pair of garden shears* then sign told me too =) lets have fun!

  6. says:

    As a weirdo, I resent that.

  7. notolaf says:

    But I won’t have any friends or relatives left!

  8. DyannLynn says:

    This is NOT photoshopped. Why do people assume that – just because it’s an awesome sign? Jeez.

  9. Keiyakins says:

    What about myself? I mean, I’m weird… and I guess I’m related, being my mother’s daughter…

  10. don't stop there says:

    and don’t forget to also neuter all the idiots that post on LFMF! Really, none of those people should be breeding!

  11. schmooze says:

    so… who decides who’s weird?

    • Bobson says:


      …or at least, he did last time something along these lines was tried 😀

      (in before “LOL OMG GODWINS LAW”)

  12. william says:

    sign WIN

  13. postl1terat1 says:

    Yeah, like it sez, neuter *your* weirdos so *mine* can take over the world. With our rocks and sharp pointy sticks.

  14. shin0bi272 says:

    looks like john holdren has taken to advertising to get people to sterilize themselves… I guess that whole putting sterilants in the drinking water and the forced abortions thing didnt catch on… must be taking a page from cass sunstein’s book “nudge”

  15. Heather M. says:

    That way there would be no more Darwin Awards!!!

  16. oh_teh_kittehness says:


  17. browncoat says:

    If I did this, I would never be an uncle or godfather to anyone.

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