A Road Sign on the Island of Dr. Moreau

A Road Sign on the Island of Dr. Moreau

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34 Responses to A Road Sign on the Island of Dr. Moreau

  1. Kusac says:

    This has to be shopped, but still funny.

  2. Julie says:

    Herne crossing?

  3. Frazer RichAAArdson! says:

    whos doc Moreau?

  4. Chodih says:

    Battlestations Anyone?

  5. pertinentPaths says:

    Fursuiters are that big of a problem?

  6. bob says:

    What is the law?!?!

  7. Loler (click here, it won't do anything) says:

    I ran over one of those once. They don’t just mess up your bumper. Since they walk on two legs, those things will dent your hood up, and probably smash the windsheild. If you see one, hit the brakes, careful not to lock them up, and duck. If one breaks the glass and hits you, you’ll wake up in one of two places: The Emergency Room trauma center, or after-life. (I don’t know if you’ll go to Heaven or Hell) They sometimes even try to jump over the car. If they do, your bumper, and mabe your hood, will be fine. Your windshield is at serious risk, and your roof will be messed up. They also have been known to be suicidal. The suicidal ones will jump forward, antlers first, right at the driver. It will break the window undoubtedly, and easily kill or knock out the driver, will wreck the car once he’s dead, or uncontious, and all passengers will be at risk of severe injury or death in the crash.
    Some suggest that these may be the result of mating between a human and a deer, but this has not been proven. There are many theories about it. Bullet-proof glass is always an option, as it is very hard for these animals to break. They may crack it, though. For now, if you see one on the road while you’re driving, do these things: Duck, make sure you’re seat-belted, slow down, try to get to the edge of the road if your car is hit so as to not cause a large accident, and hope that your medical insurance covers animals flying through your windshield.

  8. bob says:

    its the Wendigo!

  9. LUPES says:

    david thewlis ftw.

  10. Damage says:

    Hrmm, no spear so must be a sword/board hero gone moose form…

    Damn Hibernians.

  11. Murilo Vidal says:

    Creepy. Daddy, can we turn back and go home now?

  12. Riki says:

    This reminds me of deer-boy from when Fall Out Boy used to be good…

  13. TJ says:

    So this is where those dear people retired to from that Fall Out Boy video.

  14. mingmingthechickenwing says:

    reminds me of lumpy (HTF)

  15. Barf_Vader says:

    Beware of suicidal people dressed as deers during hunting season.

  16. Personman says:

    It does exist

  17. Dell says:


  18. Spike Ghost says:

    Oh dear! It’s The Wendigo :O

  19. oh dear says:

    Darwin would be turning in his grave.

  20. nacoran says:


  21. Dave says:

    I think someone made that sign to see if rednecks would shoot it.

  22. Al Gore says:

    Maybe it knows where man-bear-pig is?

  23. gr8oldgrumpy1 says:

    Warning: occultists (?)

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