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30 Responses to Geez…

  1. Tricc says:

    I love how the “P” looks like an “F”.

  2. globalwrite says:

    And don’t Fark, either

  3. Hareoic says:

    You cannot park here with a goat,
    You cannot park here in a coat…

  4. Tank668 says:

    Garfield and the PPA are watching.

  5. bushputz says:

    Fark at your own risk

  6. ajm says:

    Well, i was going to so “well, fark it”, but everyone else beat me to it.

  7. NOT HERE says:

    I’d bet there are still some people that don’t get it.

  8. none says:

    30 second fark?

    not happening.

  9. Nessie says:

    But what if I don’t get out of the car or don’t turn it off or don’t stop moving…wait, that’s not parking? Yay!

  10. Sarge says:

    I will fark when and where I like, and no dam sign can change that!

  11. Guineh says:

    This so need to be put up on

    • The guy says: FTW

      I just wanna park for five minutes, so I can… well, fark for five minutes. I’ll be outta your way once I’m done.

  12. Seneca says:

    Of course I won’t fark! who would ever do that! I’ll just park for a bit, ya know.

  13. mccarrot93 says:

    thank god it only takes me 29 seconds to fark

  14. jc says:

    Has anyone told Drew Curtis?

  15. Val says:

    I get crap from lazy people who park in handicap only spaces.
    I have 911 on speed dial, most areas here in SoCal, it’s a $300 fine to park in handicap without h/c placard or plates.

  16. CK159 says:

    I like how it looks like it has already been ran over…

  17. Person says:

    OK, I’ll obey the sign. I just have one question… What the f**k is farking?

  18. Lena Feldt says:

    Farking is obviously forbidden. How sad, farking is becoming a lost art.

  19. kitchue says:

    Scene 4-Act 2 of Johnny Dangerously 2

    Roman: What are you farkin’ doin’ here, icehole?

    Vito: Parking the car Mr. Moronie. Where goin’ to the club.

    Roman: Okey! You and the rest of your bastages can park here, but don’t try no farkin’ tricks you sneaky cork-soaker!

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