I’d Like One Large Pizza and One Completely Unrelated Large Pizza, Please.

I'd Like One Large Pizza and One Completely Unrelated Large Pizza, Please.

Submitted by: Alexanity

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29 Responses to I’d Like One Large Pizza and One Completely Unrelated Large Pizza, Please.

  1. whateverr says:

    3 dozen wings for 12.99? What a deal!

  2. DS says:

    A wedgie is actually a name for a common dish in central Pennsylvania. I did a double take the first time I saw it on a menu. “Wedgie, $3”.
    “I’d like a wedgie, sir.” “Back up to the counter.”

    • Skyfire says:

      Yep. Fox’s Den Pizzeria claims to have invented them, but who knows.
      Basically it’s a sandwich in a pizza crust.

    • Zeeps says:

      Correct. I didn’t actually know it was a local thing, although come to think of it I haven’t seen them since I moved out of state.

      In before someone asks “WTF is a hoagie?”

    • Leigha says:

      Is it Pennsylvania-specific? I know a lot of places have switched to just calling it a wedge, for obvious reasons, but I never realized they only had them here.

      That’s sad. They are quite tasty.

      Oh, and it isn’t just central PA–they have them in what seems like every local restaurant and bar in western PA too.

  3. Fragbert says:

    So the rule is “If the word ends in a vowel, you must use an apostrophe and an ‘s’ to pluralize it, but if the word ends in a consonant, using just an ‘s’ is perfectly fine.”

    I’m glad we got that cleared up.

    • PillowCaseLaw says:

      Unless the word ends in “ie”, which is comprised of vowels but is actually a consonant for purposes of pluralization.

    • Hapqy says:

      But only on Saturday’s.

    • Thalia says:

      And kings are queens, but only on a Tuesday.

    • --isobel says:

      Except at night when you have to give them back.

    • Take One says:

      I would like one large pizza is.

    • Whitey McRichpants says:

      xD yeah, this guy’s rigt. It only needs an apostrophe if it owns something or if it is a contraction of the word & the word “is”. It doesn’t matter if it ends in a consanant or a vowel or anything. It should say pizzas. & it would be Saturdays, kings, queens, Tuesdays, and all that shtuff.

    • np says:

      Why are apostrophes so hard for people? It’s especially maddening when the sign isn’t even consistent.

    • Very Specific says:

      I’m just clearing things up – Whitney, do you mean Take One is right or that Fragbert is right? Because (I don’t actually know) I think you’re taking Fragbert seriously, and I think he’s being sarcastic. Fragbert, from experience, sarcasm doesn’t work on 80% of the people on the internet.

  4. Strange Angel says:

    “Okay, that’s one large with pepperoni and mushrooms, and one large with everything.” *steps out from behind counter* “Alright, this aint exactly pleasant for me either, but we both know what the sign says. Turn around and let’s get this over with.”

  5. Nick says:

    How did Goldstein get into the pizza business instead of bagels and lox?

  6. asbduhas says:

    Make one menu, get 3 errant apostrophes FREE!

  7. JMixx says:

    Frankly, I don’t consider that very “special.”

  8. PsychoDad says:

    Up in New England they might be hoagies, subs, torpedoes, or heroes. I remember seeing wedgie, but its been a long time.

  9. nina franco says:

    Sorry Psycodad–up here in New England its a grinder–New york a sub, Penn a hogie– and a similar sandwich in New Orleans is a po’ boy.

  10. Jolene says:

    Is this Goldstein’s in Kingston, PA?

  11. Toz says:

    Yeah…we’re weird here in central and western PA….we also like to put french fries and cole slaw on sandwiches. They’re actually quite tasty.

  12. HTMLfreak says:

    People chowing down to thier meals with thier underwear over thier head…

  13. Aza says:

    I didn’t even flinch on this one. There is enough context here that even without Google, Wiki, or read the previous comments I guessed that a “wedgie” was some unique dish served in (at least) this particualr eatery. As a result, I didn’t find this one all that funny.

  14. Very Specific says:

    Hey, can you tell the people there that, since they seem to have so many apostrophes, they could give some to me? I’m fresh out (I just used my last one on the Im).

  15. Grammar Nazi says:

    Grammar failure.

  16. PoonSniff says:

    the one place they need an apostophe, they don’t have one (before the “til”)

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