Ants Are the Least of Your Problems

Ants Are the Least of Your Problems

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22 Responses to Ants Are the Least of Your Problems

  1. weird says:

    not, that is my kind of place. tuna-fish sandwiches, potato chips, iced tea, glocks, and hopefully, escaping prisoners to provide moving targets! a little slice of heaven right there in southhampton!!!

  2. siddek says:

    well southampton, england but still..

    • Lex says:

      ZOMG! Me too! Well… Kinda… I went there on Saturday. Because Portsmouth is naff and doesn’t have an Ikea or a Forbidden Planet.

    • siddek says:

      portsmouth can kiss my ass 😛 and ikea is so busy and hot, the only reason anybody who lives in so’ton goes there is to fall asleep on their sofas 😀

  3. Amy says:

    Oh man, I live in Southampton, VA, I have never seen this sign! I’m going to go look for it, it’s awesome.

  4. bob says:

    I’m bringing my mother-in-law asap

  5. devin says:

    I am from Southampton. 🙂

  6. steeleye5 says:

    And for $50 and a signed waiver they’ll shoot an apple off your head with a shotgun

  7. a guy that lol'd says:

    just weeding out the idiot population one family picnic at a time

  8. Nikki says:

    OMG I live in Southampton!!! I never realized this was here hahahahhaa!! then well,… i probably haven’t noticed because it’s Hickville.

  9. CubeRat says:

    Excellent Win! Finally, someplace with govenment efficiency. Now, where’s the forensics training center and cemetery? 🙂

  10. KShults says:

    I however am the biggest problem those ants have ever had.

  11. Obsessive Researcher says:

    OK, I really want to know which Southampton this is. It’s not NY, VA, or the one in England–at least, not by the crest that shown in this photo. Couldn’t find a Southampton that matched this crest/seal. I want to go on a picnic . . .

    • orchid says:

      look up the state flag of VA….

    • katromp says:

      It’s near Capron, Virginia. The guys were headed to the hunting cabin when they passed the sign. Much more fun that the standard “Do not pick up hitchhikers” signs you usually see!

  12. Jamie says:

    oh this is great! I love it!!

  13. sibley says:

    This actually isn’t that far from me. Chesapeake 🙂 I got to go visit this sign

  14. VA_GUNNUT says:

    God I love Virginia. 🙂

  15. jinxed says:

    Those “ants” are fragments…

  16. :) says:

    its harder to hit a moving target

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