How Appetizing…

How Appetizing...

Submitted by: Unknown

Vermont should probably see a doctor about that.

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52 Responses to How Appetizing…

  1. Jerry says:

    I think it is supposed to be the state of Vermont being tapped, rather than a maple tree… you do know Maple Syrup is just Maple tree sap that is boiled down to concentrate the sugar, right?

    Why does everything have to be a penis joke these days…

    • ClariPossum says:

      Yes, it’s the state, but the way it’s presented looks VERY much like a side view of a man from the waist down… >.< And the spout is in just the right spot. Yeah…

    • LoopDoGG says:

      Oh,ok jerry, lets all pretend now that doesent look like a dripping penis, lets all be mature and say thats just a poster of Vermont metaphorically being a maple tree, guy, if you want that kind of maturity, your in the wrong place

    • ChagrinnedGoat says:

      And for us that don’t know what Vermont looks like . . . ?

    • km says:

      If you’re not from the US, that’s understandable. Vermont is tiny and maple syrup is pretty much all that happens here…But if you are from the states, I’m going to have to ask you how you made it through grade school…

    • Rather says:

      Your comment presupposes that children actually learn anything in grade school anymore. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but uh… no. No they don’t.

    • Victoria says:

      I learned what Vermont looks like from my Mom, not from the public school system. So yeah, I can believe that a *lot* of people *in the U.S.* have no clue what shape Vermont is.

    • Prussia says:

      ….yes, yes we do. I had to place all the states correctly for a HUGE test in social studies in Eighth grade. (aka, last year)

      ….and I’ll admit, it took me a while to get it, seeing as how i’m FROM vermont, But still. hey, i know what Every other state looks like. why shouldn’t anyone else from the US?

    • Madeline says:

      I’ll admit, in elementary school and middle school they did place alot of focus on the shapes of the states and their capitols….But then I went through highschool and forgot about it. And since I don’t frequent the east coast, I can’t point out most of those teeny tiny states on the east cost. They’re all so small and oddly shaped. I’m from Colorado, and that state is huge and rectangular. Easy to point out. Vermont should have thought of that BEFORE everyone forgot about it.

    • gr8oldgrumpy1 says:

      Did you remember the shape of Vermont by thinking of a guy taking a piss in a wooden bucket?

  2. jpt says:

    You think someone would have noticed that before it hit the printers!

    • Justin says:

      I’m sure someone noticed, but would you want to be the guy who bursts into the bosses’ office?


      Which reminded me a little bit of this video:

    • BadFeelingAboutThis says:

      Helpless laughter….ohhh that was funny because it’s real. I assist the marketing dept where I work & have been like the guy in the middle, fruitlessly (har) trying to prevent PR disaster & feeling like the one with the dirty mind or the picky-picky one. Sometimes, you HAVE to say something. If not you, the customer(s) will. I hate it when people are all enthusiastic about horrible, horrible ideas. So awkward. But LOL this video takes some of the sting out of it.

  3. Pete says:

    Not everything has to be a penis joke, that’s just the way it works out… 🙂

    We all know what it’s *supposed* to be, but …

  4. GiGi says:

    Ok, what can I say.. Maine Maple Syrup for ME! 🙂

    • Your innerself says:

      Do not eat the golden snow! It’s not our maple product!

    • Prussia says:

      …Vermont’s is better, and you know it.

      …as long as its not the Grade A fancy stuff. Thats just groos. I myself prefer the Grade B.

  5. Sarge says:

    Rule 43.

  6. Masha says:

    Yeah, okay, this might be because I’m a Vermonter and see s**t like this every day, but I honest-to-god don’t see what’s funny about this – or, more importantly, what’s oddly specific about it.

  7. Sue says:

    I know you’re used to seeing the outline of your home state, but don’t you see the silhouette of a man from the waste down, as viewed from the side?

  8. Erik says:

    Male Syrup.

  9. Hazzat says:

    Saw this on Failblog aaaages ago. >_>

  10. me says:

    am i the only one concerend that the word “of” is italisized and none of the other words are ?

    • 17R3W says:

      That is kind of funny. Also with Quotations.

      like “state” of Vermont
      or state of “Vermont”
      or state “of” Vermont

      or “Sold” here

      or Sold “here”

    • keithybabes says:

      Am I the only once concerned that you can’t spell ‘concerned’, ‘italicized’ or ‘I’, and that you don’t start sentences with capitals?

    • me says:

      Sorry I was drinking at the time.

  11. Nelson says:

    And… Be sure to visit the chocolate factory on the New Hampshire border!

  12. Nakeeya says:

    That’s what a tap looks like, and it seems like they were trying to show that ALL of Vermont is being tapped. I think if they’d drawn just one tree, people would’ve been confused since no one seems to know that Vermont is in fact a state and not part of Canada or wherever else. I’ve been asked dozens of times what part of Canada I’m from when telling someone my home is in Vermont. We’re pretty proud of our maple syrup- most people that I know boil their own because it’s easy and EVERYWHERE. The only other thing we have to be proud of is Ben&Jerry’s.

    • ddddddddddddddddie says:

      Sorry to rape your bubbles, but Ben and Jerry’s is not from Canada. Sorry again to maul your balls.

    • namespaceBrian says:

      Are you retarded or is this brilliant sarcasm which is just lost on me?

      Actually it’s still a stupid post, even if you were kidding.

      P.S. Vermont is not part of Canada.

    • MaxxHeadroom says:

      Dude the only thing funnier than dddddddie’s post is yours, unless:
      Are you retarded or is this brilliant sarcasm which is just lost on me?
      In which case you are a true master of the art- you got me!!!!!!!!!!

  13. bushputz says:

    I always knew there was something wrong with Mr. Green Jeans…

  14. Alias says:

    This is funny, because there actually is a disease called Maple Syrup Urine Disease. I’m not joking, Google it.

  15. Bekah says:

    …it took me a bit to get the joke… haha

  16. The guy says:

    =( I had pancakes this morning. The worst part is, my penis only gave me Uncle Jemima’s.

  17. The guy says:

    =( I had pancakes this morning. The worst part is, my penis only gave me Uncle Jemima’s.

  18. BuffaloChips says:

    This should be on FAILBlog

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