I Hate Micromanagement

I Hate Micromanagement

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19 Responses to I Hate Micromanagement

  1. Sarge says:

    What kind of idiot puts a green light AND a stop sign at an intersection?
    Oh, right. The kind that work at city hall. Nevermind.

    • CK159 says:

      What I really want to see is a stop sign that can display stop and go (and maybe change shape & color too) just to really mess with people.

    • Sarge says:

      Oh, that’s called an iStop. And Apple will gladly sell it to your town for only 5000% more than what it costs to make. And they’ll convince them that it’s a “Magical”* bargain, too, for no extra charge. (Extra charge may apply).

      *Some breaking may occur.

    • Ironica says:

      The kind who knows that you only need a traffic signal control at certain times of day or during special events, rather than having to sit at a red light in the middle of the friggin’ night. Yes, you can switch the signal to a boulevard stop… but if it’s often or at least regularly going to be in stop-sign mode, why waste the electricity?

      Seems like a brilliant idea to me. As do the flashing yellow arrows used to indicate that left turns should yield as usual when there’s no green or red arrow… I actually had that idea several years back, for intersections where you need a red phase for the left-turn lane only during some parts of the green in the same direction. They finally implemented it in Pasadena next to the Gold Line (where they only need a red arrow if there’s a train coming, to keep the street from getting backed up).

    • skeptic says:

      In fact, that’s very common. The rule is that if the traffic lights are out of order, you have to abide by the stop signs in that particular intersection. So, yes, there are stop signs at intersections together with the lights.

      (Maybe the rules in the USA work differently – they often do. Traffic regulations in my country mostly follow the European ones).

      Why they decided to add the tagline to the sign, I don’t know.

    • Sarge says:

      But there’s no need for a stop sign if the intersection already has lights.
      If the lights stop working, the intersection automatically becomes a 4-way-stop anyways!

      But I suppose that some politician though that he’d better make the intersections idiot-proof. Good luck with that.

    • Thalia says:

      Nothing is idiot proof if the idiot is creative enough.

    • skeptic says:

      In Europe, there is no such thing as a four-way stop sign. We have roundabouts instead. They are much easier to handle because you don’t have to guess who goes first.

      Thus, an intersection where the lights don’t work doesn’t automatically become anything. So stop signs are attached to the two of the ways, and drivers have to abide by those if the lights are not working.

      The whole world is not the USA.

    • wren says:

      You don’t have to guess who goes first at a 4-way stop, either.

    • asdgsadfhgdarhdafhdarh says:

      4-way-stops exist in Sweden. They got an additional “4-vägs-stop” sign below the stop sign.

    • Digital_Utopia says:

      Because at one point, some idiot probably slammed on his brakes at a green light because he saw a stop sign – and caused a pileup.

      Most places I’ve seen just have emergency “fold-up” stop signs at intersections in case the lights go out.

    • kevin says:

      got that right

    • fgjfgjfjk says:

      Static priority signs (stop / priority road / give way / priority at next crossing ) AND traffic lights are very common here in Germany. When there isn’t much traffic (e.g. at night or on Sundays) the traffic lights are turned off and the traffic is only “controlled” by static signs.

      Of course, this can be a little confusing, but we’re used to it.

  2. Noah121 says:

    In Chicagoland, there are plenty of intersections that have folding stop signs that unfold whenever the lights are out of service.

    Some drivers just don’t understand what flashing reds or flashing yellows mean. (And most cyclists don’t care since they plow through red lights and stop signs anyway. I am not among those.)

  3. Budz says:

    Ugh… I guess some people need to be told…

  4. Drakon says:

    Well, on the defense of the sign, there are areas in the US (if not all of the US), where something like this, on a turn lane, would be needed, to remind people that “Right Turn on Red” (the ability to make a right turn on a red light when you’re not crossing lanes of traffic, after stopping at the light for a beat) doesn’t work on right-turn lanes that are light controlled.

    Not that I’d expect a stop sign to work any more than a stop light, in all truth.

  5. Brian-M says:

    Some traffic lights flash yellow to indicate “proceed with caution”. I know one set of traffic lights that does this as part of it’s normal cycle. It’s not very common, so some people have no idea what it means. Maybe this sign is to let people to stop before proceeding when the lights are flashing yellow?

  6. Randy says:

    I actually live in this town, the red light doesn’t change functions…..ever. It is always just a normal light. It’s not in a very busy part of town either.

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