Men: “BOOOOO!!”

Men: "BOOOOO!!"

Source: Hawaiians do not blog

Submitted by: Unknown

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24 Responses to Men: “BOOOOO!!”

  1. LoopDoGG says:

    If theyre strong enough for saftey, theyre strong enough for dancing!! *grabs dollar bills

  2. Blake says:

    So men are allowed to pole dance for the ladies?

  3. Courteney says:

    I think there are more of these..they are real transit ads. I believe another one of them said “Comes Faster Then Your Date” and another one was “A Guaranteed Ride At The End Of The Night”

  4. Lynz Catastrophe says:

    I’m going boo and im a woman. But then again i love to pole dance, great form of exercise! ^^ And if i can get free money out of it, than who cares?

  5. kaptain_gonzo says:

    At least some transit authority has a sense of humour. Ours could use one.


  6. Noah121 says:

    I’m a man, and when I’m on the train, touching the poles are worth penalty points. My goal is to stay balanced without touching anything. The doors are worth -1 000 points.

  7. CONCINNVS says:

    Ah, but don’t poledancing poles spin? The one I’ve tested does.

    • K.K.S says:

      Common misconception. Amateur poles spin. But actual dance poles remain firmly fitted in place. No, I’m not a stripper. There are actual legit pole dancing classes you can take for work-out. You need a good amount of upper body strength to complete a proper spin.

  8. Leapreachán says:

    Yay! This is from the Dublin NiteLink bus 🙂

  9. The Guy says:

    So basically… I need to find a nice young rebellious woman?

  10. Crystallia says:

    Anyone notice the chick who seems to be laughing at the sign?

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