Guaranteed In-Stock!

Guaranteed In-Stock!

Submitted by: Unknown

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14 Responses to Guaranteed In-Stock!

  1. Kelly says:

    Hey, we rocked those at Hard Rock Park!

  2. randy steele says:

    Just picked one up yesterday…it’s a pain to tune

  3. steeleye5 says:

    Air drums are around the corner

  4. Nikola says:

    When I was in college (back in the day) there was a group of homeless men in Kenmore Square (Boston) who played air guitar instead of just begging — they called themselves “Mixed Nuts”! I think they did pretty well, considering, because everybody gave them extra points for being smartasses (and for not playing actually dreadful music like some buskers).

  5. Spoo says:

    Sweet! I already have the amp and wah-wah to go with it!

  6. Ashleigh Anne says:

    So I remember this at the Hard rock park and my cousin didn’t understand it….it was a good laugh when she finally figured it out.

  7. William says:

    They will be taken so much that the guitar rack turns into a vaccum

  8. Kelly says:

    That sort of happened- Hard Rock Park only lasted one summer. That sign is either in a landfill or on someone’s wall.

  9. Alleycat says:

    Hard Rock Park R.I.P.

    Maybe they should move the rides to the old Pavilion site that has been an empty lot for 5 years.

  10. Kevin says:

    so how do we know when they are all gone

  11. Warren says:

    Poor old Hard Rock Park. Freestyle Park didn’t make it either. That property is cursed.. i live in Myrtle Beach, and there should definitely be a resurgence of the Pavilion.

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