Big Brother is Watching You

Big Brother is Watching You

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31 Responses to Big Brother is Watching You

  1. Matnik says:

    Al Gore sees everything from his private jet in the sky.

  2. J of J says:

    That would be my last visit.

  3. Cobalt says:

    Is that so?….

    *takes the whole stack*

  4. Seth says:

    No raggin’ on Gore. His election was stolen from him.

    On the other hand, if he had won, Sarah Palin would be president now (Google “Chrononauts The Gore Years”).

    • Philly Mom says:

      Wow… I’m… wow… really?
      Godz help us! Say it isn’t so!!!

      My alternate reality dream just came screeching to frightening halt.

    • Justice says:

      That’s called changing the rules after the game has been played you know. Not that I like Bush, but he still won the electoral college vote.

      John Kerry would have won with a 7 million vote deficit if he carried Ohio. I’m sure no one screaming electoral college is a fraud would have done it then.

    • Chas says:

      You don’t get it. Yes, George W. Bush won the electoral college vote, but only after he was awarded Florida’s electoral votes by the US Supreme Court. Katherine Harris, the Florida Secretary of State (who was in charge of the recounts), was co-chair of George W. Bush’s Florida election campaign. Talk about a conflict of interest! The final vote tally that was used was that Bush won by 537 votes, but there was a lot of misconduct in the recounts. The Florida Supreme Court stipulated that all recounts must be completed by November 26th, but then Harris ordered all of the counters home for the Thanksgiving holiday, thus ensuring that the recounts could not be completed in time. Those counties that did not get to finish their recounts were heavily democratic.

      There’s a lot more to it, including 8,000 potential voters (heavily democratic) not being allowed to vote because of being wrongly classified as felons (they had only committed misdemeanors) by a contractor that contributed heavily to the republican campaign, the infamous “butterfly ballot” that had many residents in one Florida county accidentally voting for Pat Robertson instead of Al Gore, etc. The Florida election was a sham.

      So, yes, Bush won the electoral college vote, but he would have lost it if not for all of the corruption in Florida.

    • Spoo says:

      Thank you for making this website a tiny bit less funny.

    • Jimmy James says:

      Chas, I think you are forgetting about the 2 independent investigations conceded George Bush won. Or the hundreds of thousands of military personal overseas whose votes are not counted almost every election. By the way the military votes over 90% republican (except Obama election).

      But why does it matter to you? Don’t you realize GWB, GB, Gore, John Kerry, BO, Clinton all work for the same people? They get you made at 1 party so you vote the other side into office. But the same thing keeps happening… higher taxes, wireless tapping, war in Iraq, larger debt, devaluation of the American dollar, etc… Don’t you know about the Federal Reserve and the CFR? C’mon man wake up!!!

      P.S. Al Gore look like Satan to me

    • Ferret says:

      And thats why I will NOT vote in florida in 2012.

    • Noelegy says:

      Thousands of soldiers aren’t getting to vote in this election because Illinois failed to mail out the absentee ballots. What’s your point?

  5. Neil R says:

    If Owl Gore had anything personal to do with this, there’d be a coinbox and a fee of 50 cents a napkin, and a recycling fee when you finished lunch

    • IAMSAM says:

      That actually sounds like a really good idea. maybe 15 cents a napkin but you are on to something.

    • Jimmy James says:

      IAMSAM, do you realize that you are a Pagan? A fee for napkins via a tax from the US government is the dumbest thing you could ever do. Don’t you realize that you are being brainwashed into believe in Global Warming so they can steal your rights and liberty. Because of your religious Pagan belief system we are all suffering as a nation while India and China are rising to take the world’s wealth. We will be a 3rd world nation within 50 years thanks to your kind.

  6. NOT HERE says:

    He doesn’t know much of anything else though…

  7. KrisL says:

    Al Gore = hypocrite

  8. says:

    But does he know I keep them in my pocket for later?

  9. Crazy 8's says:

    If you take too many…Manbearpig will get you!!!!!!!!

  10. Al Gore says:

    My God! 20000 Napkins taken ever since the sign was erected!

  11. hollybruises says:

    Luckily, he’s too busy helping a whale in trouble to do anything.. 😀

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