The Other Two Are Caturday And Shatnerday

Funny Signs - The Other Two Are Caturday And Shatnerday

Submitted by: master baiter

And they have a month-long blowout sale every Smarchtober.

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31 Responses to The Other Two Are Caturday And Shatnerday

  1. Apel Mjausson says:

    Wut? No Bunday?

  2. electric wolf says:

    aren’t Caturday and Shatnerday the same day?

  3. La Sombria says:

    What’s with Vladurday?

  4. hm says:

    ** lousy Smarch weather… **

  5. Your innerself says:

    And 27 hours a day!
    That why the casher steal for over 200 hours in overtime

  6. Welldone!GreatJob? says:

    obviously shopped. you can see that the 9 came from the far right of the image; it has a white remnant circle and breaks the lines. poorly done and unoriginal 😦

  7. Dude says:

    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Today, Yesterday. That’s nine!

  8. Sarge says:

    Must be on a lunar calender.

  9. SJP says:

    Hey, didn’t Cartoon Network come up with an “extra day” promo a few years ago?

  10. ShireNomad says:

    It’s a 99 Cent Store. They have those signs up as gags (since everything’s 99 cents, it must be also open 9 days a week), along with other nine-based “humor” that I can’t recall.

  11. emilylittel says:

    Express lane=9 items or less.

  12. Rainman says:

    I don’t get it. What’s wrong with that? (Where’s the TV, Judge Wopner is on!)

  13. iggywiggy says:

    Ain’t you glad now it’s Octember and the nights are coolarmer. Roll on Sprinter, I say.

  14. Mark says:

    yah…that’s so not fair…they should’ve made it “10 days a week” so bunday would fit in…and then, ’10’ is a round number ^_^

  15. IDK MY NAME! says:

    wow,i wish it was open on scquatzorzday.

  16. Maxi says:

    i’d like to speak with the owner of the store about this…

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