The Polite Way To Say You’re Too Fat

Funny Signs - The Polite Way To Say You're Too Fat

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46 Responses to The Polite Way To Say You’re Too Fat

  1. jamisings says:

    Or too thin. I’ve seen some people so skinny that the seat belts won’t tighten up enough around them.

  2. Sheik Yerbouti says:

    Is this a still from the upcoming HP film?

    • jd says:

      It’s from The Forbidden Journey ride at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Islands of Adventure at the Universal Studios Orlando Resort.

      The attraction has gotten a lot of publicity because the restraints are extremely small and do not accommodate most “guests of size”. Recently they did put in modified seating to allow more riders, but they are still very confined seats.

    • Charlie Oscar Delta says:

      there was one like it at “The mummy” ride at Universal in Hollywood. i take it they’re fairly common

    • OMGCOASTERs says:

      I saw these all over Universal this summer. There was one on like every roller coaster.

  3. CJ says:

    As a Woman Of Size, I have no problem with this sign. In fact, I appreciate the opportunity to make sure my fat @$$ fits in the seat BEFORE getting to the front of the line, only to find that I can’t go on the ride.

    Also, this sign could apply to very small people and tall people. When I first read it, I didn’t even think it was politely saying “No fatties.” Amusement rides aren’t designed for all body types. If the restraints can’t hold you adequately, the ride is not for you, whether you’re too big or too small.

    • pyrax says:

      Yup, I was recently at Disney World and saw a couple of plus-sized femmes get turned away after queuing for almost an hour…

    • victo says:

      Wow, that should have never happened, especially at a place as big as Disney.

    • Grouchy Ole Broad says:

      Except this ride is not at Disney, but Universal Studios. It’s their new Harry Potter ride.

    • pyrax says:

      Oh right, we went there too. Yeah, Disney wasn’t crowded either, but the Harry Potter area in Universal was. Considering it’s the off-season…

    • not_write says:

      Having been once very small I can say that this would have been nice when i was a kid. Got into a ride and the restraints were to loose to hold me and it was a ride that lifts you up and turns you up side down, very nearly fell out of the cart. mind f+++ on a 12yo…

    • says:

      Mhm, I’m quite tall and nearly got my head clipped off by a coaster whose maximum height was much too high. o.o

    • Angela says:

      Yup yup. My dad’s 6’3 in socks so he doesn’t ride on rides unless he sees someone taller then him getting off of one in one piece!

    • slim says:

      If the restraints can’t hold you adequately YOU NEED TO LOSE SOME WEIGHT!

    • Patrick says:

      Or GAIN SOME, moron. If you bothered reading other comments you might notice that some commentators have said they can’t ride because they’re too small.

  4. kb says:

    Good idea for airlines.

  5. WTF says:

    Department of Magical Games and Sports? What the heck?

  6. hhhorb says:

    Wait, there’s a Department of Magical Games and Sports?

  7. hhhorb says:

    @WTF, sorry, comment moderation fail!

  8. Kelly says:

    It’s not uncommon to see test seats like this with similar signage at any amusement park. It’s difficult for manufacturers to create a seat that can safely restrain a 60 pound 8 year old and a 260 pound 40 year old. The test seats allow people to find out BEFORE the get in line whether their wait will be worth it.

  9. Gemenon says:

    Customers who are not 3 dimensional will have problems.

  10. annieD says:

    OMG this is at the Universal Studios Wizarding World of Harry Potter park! Right before the Forbidden Journey ride! : )

  11. Dixie says:

    This sign if from the queue of the Forbidden Journey ride at the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter at the *Universal Orlando* (not Disney) Islands of Adventure park. The seats are pretty snug and the park has gotten a lot of flack since “Shrek-sized” people can’t ride. A few weeks ago, some of the ride vehicles were modified to accommodate people who were slightly larger. If I had any more butterbeers during my visit I’d have needed to upsize …

  12. Molly says:

    Seems like a great idea to me. It would suck to be too tall/fat/thin to ride – and to find out AFTER you stood in line for hours. I mean, they have the little height chart for kids out front, why not a sample seat? Surely they replace damaged or defunct ones from time to time.

    Would’ve saved me from taking a beating that time I rode something with my dad that had one lap belt for both people. He couldn’t breathe because it was so tight and I was slamming around the car because it didn’t hold me down at all. (My dad was not fat, just bigger than twelve-year-old me). It was one of those things where they strap you into a capsule type thing that rotates and revolves until you want to barf, dunno what it’s called.

  13. dobby says:

    OMG its harry potter!

    department of magical games and sports 😛

  14. Wendy D says:

    Flashback to elementary school when by 2nd grade I was too tall to be let on children’s rides and peers were all way too short to go on the adult ones. I used to get so frustrated!

  15. Alixandria says:

    I actually think this is a really good idea. In addition to too heavy or too thin, some people are too short or too tall for certain rides.

  16. Spoo says:

    It would be way more magical if the seats automatically conformed to our different butt sizes.

  17. Jen says:

    While I completely agree with having a seat outside the ride to save over-sized people the time of waiting in line for nothing, they also have a staff member inside asking overweight guests to try the seat out. Talk about the crappy’est job ever “scuse me sir.. you look too fat to ride. Oh never mind, you’re juuust small enough”.

  18. slim says:

    This sign should say “If you can’t fit in this seat it’s time to take a serious look at your lifestyle fatty”.

    • Patrick says:

      Did you bother to read the comments? Or just trollin’?

    • Onasariel says:

      Don’t forget you. If you’re slim you can’t fit either. When I was little I almost fell out of a ride because the seatbelt wouldn’t go that tight.

  19. CaptainPlanet says:

    As a 6’5″ 300lb college O-lineman, I can say, that these seats save soo much frustration. I can’t count how many times I’ve waited in line only to find out I cant fit on the ride.

  20. Big Boned says:


  21. Miranda says:

    People in the fourth dimension are not allowed onto the ride.

  22. Obi says:

    The demo seats lie. I got a red light on the demos and a green light on the actual ride. I’m big, so it’s a concern. (6’4″ 250 lbs.)

  23. fartblossom says:

    Not offensive at all…last time I took my kids to Disney, my 6’5″ son literally couldn’t fold up his long legs enough to fit into some of the rides. He can’t go bowling or ice skating, either, due to his size 17 feet. My daughter, on the other hand, is so tiny and petite that I worry that the restraints won’t hold her in.

    • daniel says:

      “He can’t go bowling or ice skating, either, due to his size 17 feet.”

      I misread that as “size – 17 feet” and thiought “how tall?”

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