Someone Should Tell “Bassmasters.”

Funny Signs - Someone Should Tell Bassmasters

Submitted by: Melanie

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16 Responses to Someone Should Tell “Bassmasters.”

  1. A Noun says:

    I remember when people only fished for fish.

  2. Hilary says:

    Hey! I’ve been there! That’s at the base of Whiteface mountain in the Adirondacks. There’s lots of other fishing in the area, but this large pond is easily accessible and probably kept stocked. I guess they want to make sure children and disabled people have a place to fish too and don’t want it overrun by lazy-but-otherwise-able-bodied fishermen.

  3. Otter says:

    What do you use for bait?

  4. MJB says:

    But are the children and physically challenged biting?

  5. Amusingly Different Noun says:

    What kind of bait do you thing you’d use for that? Maybe a hot dog with a triple ganged hook?

  6. Dan Pelletier says:

    It doesn’t say what the daily limit is.
    I assume adults would be catch and release.

  7. Sarge says:

    Every year, the children and the physically challenged swim up-river to their ancestral spawning grounds, where the fishermen of Oddly Shaped Fishing Sign Lake await their chance to catch one.

  8. Amusingly Different Noun says:

    Whilst the anglers, silent and in eager anticipation of a prolific catch, sharpen their filleting knives and wait for the annual harvest of the bounty of the…hmmm…

  9. Peter says:

    “Yeah, I know Bassmasters. Sure.”

  10. Washu says:

    Now remember the bag limits of 5 children that are 3 years or one guy in a motorized wheelchair.

  11. Miranda says:

    A picture of a kin in a wheelchair with a fishing rod would have been better.

  12. Yudo Nomi says:

    All able-bodied adults must be returned to the water immediately.

    So no, Jimmy, you can’t keep him. I’m sorry, but the law’s the law.

  13. I'm not a witch. I'm YOU! says:

    One time I went fishing, and caught a whole school. See what I did there.

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