At Least, Not All At Once.

Funny Signs - At Least, Not All At Once.

Submitted by: Brodie

Ok, maybe your ex…

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46 Responses to At Least, Not All At Once.

  1. G. James says:

    So not just any old s**t.

  2. Sigma says:

    I’m going say it, and there are people who aren’t going to like it.

    This is posted in the women’s restroom because they have to be told NOT to flush this stuff.

  3. shin0bi272 says:

    doesnt say anything about firecrackers! *boom*

  4. Hmmmmmm says:

    You would be amazed at what woman try to flush. When you are on city sewage it’s a pain. When you have a septic system it can be tragic. Diapers are the worst. For some reason I think it makes some kind of sense to some people. Stinky s**t, flush it. The same people buy bright stretch pants a couple of sizes too small. And keep an eye on any flatware or unopened cans of soda sittin’ around.

    • meetoo says:

      I kid you not: this really happened! I moved into an apartment and the first thing that went wrong was the toilet would not flush. It only had cleaning solution in it, so it wasn’t too bad. The landlord started to snake it, and out came crushed beer cans, icky Kmart sleazy panties and part of a bed spread (twin). I don’t even know how the the last one is possible. He kept pulling and pulling stuff our for an hour.

  5. Hmmmmmm says:

    It is hard to say “don’t be an effing idiot in my bathrooms” but this gets the point across in a pretty cool way. I’m gonna remember it if, God forbid, I am ever again meeting the public in some fashion that requires plumbing privileges

  6. Sarge says:

    That’s going a bit too far.

    • Loler says:

      What are you talking about? It’s perfectly fine. It won’t damage the system at all, make your work harder, or anything. So, it’s pretty much fine. *flushes another*

  7. SJP says:

    …Y’notice how the stack of words has a nice, tall wine goblet shape to it?

  8. Supapug says:

    But where else will I flush my hopes?!

  9. Sagerider says:

    They left out “COPY” stamps. I dropped one in the toilet, it never worked right again.

  10. rockerobyns says:

    hopes and dreams lol? what about money huh?

  11. Paula says:

    Well you can’t blame them for flushing tampons, since it says right on the box that they’re flushable. However, any plumber or septic worker will tell you that you should NOT flush them. Trust the experts on this one. As said by the guy who installed our system, “No vampire tea bags down the toilet.”

    As for pads, anyone who flushes those is a moron.

  12. mityorkie says:

    From the list you’d think someone is trying to form a Katamari Damacy level in the pipes.

  13. Mimi says:

    no mention of cat litter?! You don’t know how many times people in my building have clogged their toilets with cat s**t.

    • TOPCTEH says:

      Gaah, cat litter! Some moronic neighbor used that as grit. Worked fine until thawing…

    • Leigha says:

      That’s…not actually moronic. They tell you on the news, the weather channel, and some handy types of shows, every year, that you’re supposed to keep some in the back of your car in the winter, in case you get stuck.

      Now, using it on your sidewalk at home, on the other hand, seems a tad silly.

  14. R says:

    Poetry? how do I flush mah poetry?!

    (note: i know they wanted to say “Poultry”)

  15. Name says:

    I’ve seen that sign…

  16. fehneex says:

    but i wanna flush my cell phone!!!

  17. SilverInu says:

    But my ex is no better that s**t why can’t I flush her?

  18. Mak says:

    I guess kittens are fair game.

  19. CrazySteve13 says:

    I guess hopes and dreams aren’t biodegradable. Tooooo dammmmmmn baaaaaaad!

  20. mamacat_4 says:

    But…..but… do you get rid of the bodies if you can’t flush them down the toilet?

  21. I'm not a witch. I'm YOU! says:

    I can’t flush one night stands here?!? That sucks. Guess I gotta keep her. =(

  22. I'm not a witch. I'm YOU! says:

    I can’t flush one night stands here?? That sucks. Guess I gotta keep her.=(

  23. Maxi says:

    so, you can flush EVERYTHING else?
    even a microwave?

  24. chingu says:

    doesn’t say anything bout your mother in law, so… anyone know where it is? y might pay a visit to flush …err… something…

  25. killian says:

    dangit. i wanted to flush my ex soooo bad. and her dog to.

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