Our Building Just Got a Wonkavator

Our Building Just Got a Wonkavator

Submitted by: Unknown

Now we’re just looking for an Oompa Loompa to operate it.

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19 Responses to Our Building Just Got a Wonkavator

  1. Your innerself says:

    Please take note HELL is one-way only!

  2. Bob the Skull says:

    Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago

  3. Stephen says:

    Bottom line should say “Minusland.”

  4. Zoom98 says:

    Monty Python has an episode for this… Michael Ellis!

    “Basement: Dangerous gases, viruses, contagious diseases, restaurant and toilet fixings.
    Ground floor: Menswear, boyswear, effeminate goods hall, ill health foods.
    Mezzanine: Tableware, kitchen goods, soft furnishings, hard furnishings, rock-hard furnishings.
    First floor: Complaints.
    Second floor: Cosmetics, jewellery, electrical, satire.
    Third floor: Nasal injuries hall, other things.
    Fourth floor: Granite hall — rocks, shales, alluvial deposits, feldspar, Carpathians, Andes, Urals, mining requisites, atom-splitting service.
    Fifth floor: Complaints.
    Sixth floor: Complaints.
    Seventh floor: Leather goods.
    Eighth floor: Roof garden.
    Ninth floor: Television aerials.
    Tenth floor: Fresh air, clouds, occasional periods of sunshine.”

  5. Sheik Yerbouti says:

    I came back and read the headline as “Wankavator”.

  6. Leetah says:

    you notice it doesn’t say anything about heaven

  7. omi says:

    the sun is up? what about at night?

  8. Efex says:

    “this is god, if u can read this, ure probably too high.”

  9. somerandomperson says:

    “Now we’re just looking for an Oompa Loompa to operate it.”

    Just hire Snooki……

  10. LaserLiza says:

    Ah, but do you have the other elevator?
    “What other elevator?”
    “The one that goes the opposite direction on the same track.” %-l

  11. Captain Acacia says:

    Ha! This is the first thing I’ve seen on OddlySpecific that I’ve actually seen in real life.

  12. ERROR989 says:

    I love that ‘Hell’ department store.

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