Notary Public Not Necessary

Notary Republic Not Necessary

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But, I thought you’d like black.

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45 Responses to Notary Public Not Necessary

  1. Rattus says:

    More store need to post that same regulation.

  2. Poochner says:

    I DO NOT buy paint without either a color chip or the manufacturer’s name for the color written down. Except for specific spray paints (“High temp black”)

  3. Paul says:

    Hey, great. Let’s put the same sign in sporting goods, hardware, and electronics stores, genders reversed: Wives must have notes from their husbands before purchase.

    • jamisings says:

      Or mothers must not be allowed to buy technology from Home Shopping Network – especially if they’re buying their daughter a digital video camera. (Twice now she’s gotten me one and the video editing software DOES NOT WORK! There’s NO WAY to edit videos taken with either camera for YouTube. I TOLD her we needed to actually go out to the stores like Fry’s…. but NOOOO – “HSN had such a good deal!”)

      Sorry, had to vent there.

    • CubeRat says:

      Already happens, just no sign posted. I am constantly asked if my boyfriend or father need to approve my purchases. The only time I don’t have problems is at Christmas & Father’s Day, because the idiots assume I’m buying a present. I got so mad at Lowe’s when I was re-doing my kitchen, that I no longer shop there.

    • wren says:

      You do not get asked that. If you do, then you need to talk to the manager.

    • invisible commenter says:

      Agreed with Paul–this is no funnier than the ever-mature “girls suck at math and go to the bathroom in groups lol”.

      Some husbands can pick out paint colors. Some can’t. It’s almost like they’re normal, intelligent people or something.

      Sometimes society makes me *headdesk*

  4. Captain Obvious says:


  5. steve says:

    A color-blind (badly!) uncle of mine owned a long series of light blue Ford station wagons. Station wagons because that’s what worked for him; Fords because he had good luck with them – and light blue because someone had actually complimented him on his choice of color!

  6. shin0bi272 says:

    wow nanny state run amok?

    • Coyotl says:

      I just wouldn’t be suprised if that sign is there mostly because they were SICK of doing all the returns husbands brought in.

    • shin0bi272 says:

      neither would I but then they could institute an all paint sales final policy or give out 1 pint samples of paint first before selling them the full 5 gallon bucket.

  7. brother of chronos says:

    Andy Capp FTW!

    Anyway, I’m great with colours. Comes with being an artist.

    • Kai says:

      LOL I was looking to see if someone else would notice where the comic came from XD Andy Capp FTW DEFINITELY! My dad has a stash of the comics from his youth and I’ve read them over many times XD

  8. Dame says:

    Women choose paint jobs? I was under the impression it was an equal distribution and most couples chose decided together on their walls…

  9. Tarliman says:

    What if I live in Massachusetts or Iowa or some other state with sane marriage laws? Would a note from my husband be accepted?

  10. store fail says:

    Have they actually refused service to a man because he did not have a note? Would love to see that lawsuit!

    Unfunny sexist joke, store fail!

  11. mystic_eye says:

    But wives can chose any colour no matter how many coats its going to take to put up, cover up, or how much hubby hates it?

  12. mikespeir says:

    That’s so sexist! Valid, but sexist. 🙂

  13. postl1terat1 says:

    Only one wife with all those husbands? Maybe the guy who gets to present the note is the one who gets lucky this month.

  14. TOPCTEH says:

    Men are like MS-DOS: Both can only distinguish between 16 colors.

  15. Paula says:

    I abhor interior decorating, so this won’t be necessary for me. However, my mother bakes wedding cakes, and about 70% of the time she sends my dad to the store for ingredients, he comes back with the wrong thing. She asks him for corn syrup (but doesn’t specify), he comes back with DARK corn syrup instead of light. She asks him for half & half and expects him to know her preferred variety, he comes back with Garelic Farms fat free instead of Land o’ Lakes fat free. She asks for vanilla extract, and he comes back with artificial instead of real vanilla. She asks for flour, he comes back with cake flour, instead of all-purpose. Each time she yells at him for getting the wrong thing, and each time, I intervene and ask why she doesn’t get off her ass and get it herself if she’s so picky. It’s been a hell of an interesting childhood.

    • Poochner says:

      Or she could just specify which kind she wanted, and write it down. Then when he comes home with something she didn’t want that’s still what’s written on the list, “I got you what you asked for; if you wanted a specific brand, you should write it down that way.”

      Saves a lot of trouble.

      Though I probably should have known that Nestle Quik wasn’t “cocoa”…

    • Altoids says:

      That’s why every time I’m in doubt, I call from the store to clarify… “Will that be ‘dark brown’ or ‘medium golden brown’ for your Revlon hair color, Honey?”

      Thank goodness for cell phones!

    • Alias says:

      Too bad my husband cant do that. I cant begin to count how many wrong things I have had to take back because he is too stupid to get it rite. You don’t want to know ow many gallons of paint we ad to buy to paint the house last time because e and is retarded brother Moose could not figure out ow to buy another can of paint in the same color as the one they thought they just ran out of. So then they buy the wrong color, find the rest at home, they don’t match, they have to buy more so it can all be the same, then buy some more…. It just never ended, never let your retarded know it all ex-con brothers who know nothing, work on your house, no matter how cheap they are they will cost ya.

    • The other Sarah says:

      When my boyfriend and I first moved in together (me from a dorm, he from his mother’s house) I wrote ‘butter’ on the grocery list. He came home with four different kinds of butter and margarine because he didn’t know what I meant :D. But unlike your mother, I learned from that experience and immediately started writing more details when I added anything to the grocery list. And then he learned from his experiences, and now he just knows what brand we always get.

  16. melanie says:

    gee, dont dads teach their girls anything practical anymore. my dad taught me how to fix my car, change the oil, belts and plugs. i can paint a room and do other odd jobs in a home. my husband likes that i have practical knowledge and can do something if i need to when he isnt home. now my dad cant cook, i got that from my mom.

  17. notary public sydney says:

    Dad’s have the right to choose and judge.. But why ask a written permission to their wife?

  18. should i know this? says:

    wait-wait-wait- isnt that they guy from those really old english newspaper comics? i think it was like addy capp or sum s**t

  19. cmordee says:

    They’re sending mixed messages, with that message right above paint colors like “rock”

  20. Reed says:

    Are colours the same as colors, sign written by a woman

  21. Clark says:

    Note: the only husbands who can get away with choosing colours are gay.

  22. Schmoe says:

    Which brings to mind that philosophical question: if a man says something and there’s no woman around to hear him, is he still wrong?

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