We WILL Revive You To Get Those 20 Pounds, Too

We WILL Revive You To Get Those 20 Pounds, Too

Submitted by: Unknown

Go ahead… Try us…

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18 Responses to We WILL Revive You To Get Those 20 Pounds, Too

  1. Rashid says:

    Hm… Reminds me of that other one, where falling (I think?) also gets you fined.
    Seriously, who comes up with this kind of stuff?

    • bob_super says:

      the same people who advise the Chinese to charge the family for the execution bullet. They just loooove to add insult to injury.
      And if you managed to somehow not kill yourself, you still owe them 20 bucks, surviving shouldn’t be free.

    • Dave says:

      It’s a joke, obviously.

      For what it’s worth, though, that looks like a local phone mini-exchange, which are the subjects of one of the crimes with the biggest disparity between benefit to the criminal and cost to the victim: slimy scrotes come along and rip out the 1000+ (fine wire) connections inside to sell for scrap. Total gain, maybe five quid, total cost to repair, thousands.

  2. Sarge says:

    Ironically, in order to revive you to get those twenty ponds, we’ll need to shock your heart.

  3. steve says:

    The wondrous logic of the bureaucratic mind. . .something akin to an M.C. Escher landscape.

  4. ölf says:

    Come on, what do you expect? It’s the UK. It is also “dangerous and forbidden” to jump off the pier in Brighton.

  5. Tweedle-Dee says:

    This is the same place where on the public buses you have to break the glass to get the hammer to break the glass.

    Actually, it seems a pretty cheap suicide. Just leave 20 pounds with the note and go for it.

  6. Jim says:

    Reminds me of Portal.

  7. Richard Jellicoe says:

    Looks photoshoped, Would there not be a cut in the sign since it covers when the doors would open


    This only works if you’re Captain Jack Harkness…and even HE could charm his way out of it.

  9. Classic English sense of humour, gotta love it. Probably some little tosser keeps breaking in for the copper.

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