We Can’t Stop Here, This Is Troll Country

We Can't Stop Here, This Is Troll Country

Submitted by: Kassie

And for the love of God, DO NOT feed them!

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19 Responses to We Can’t Stop Here, This Is Troll Country

  1. Groovy says:

    they see me trollin’ they hatin’
    patrolin’ they tryin’ to catch me typin’ nerdy!

  2. Steve D. says:

    So, this is where they all live.

  3. H3nQ says:

    iPad’s are totally overrated.

  4. SlntCobra1 says:

    I’m willing to bet anything that this is their National Anthem:

  5. _Darawnal_ says:

    I think they probably eat these -> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trolli

  6. A63Alpha says:

    Troll me. Go on. I dare you to.

  7. Efex says:

    I call a competition to find this sign.

    • Droll Knoll says:

      It’s in Rome, not far from the Castello San’t-Angello and the council building.

      I only just managed to escape. Many bridges there, as well, and some taken the aqueducts as homes.

    • Kassie says:

      I actually took this picture in Rome, near Castel Sant’Angelo. My first assumption was that troll meant something in Italian, but coupled with the picture of a troll…

      I think somewhere, someone in a sign factory far away herped so hard that they derped.

    • Adam says:

      Me and my girlfriend saw this in the same spot as well. In Italy though Trolls are equivalent to Fairies/Pixies so it’s not as bad as you’d imagine. However it was very amusing to see and many pictures of it were taken.

  8. Mike says:

    This appears to be the TROLLBOOTH (heh) where visitors pay to get into SCA events. and get directions to places such as the autocrats tent, or the gold key to pick up a costume if they didnt bring their own.

  9. kyza says:


    raywilliamjohnson anyone?

    • Mats says:

      Not fake. Got a pic of it too. As stated, outside Castel St Angelo, Rome, Italy. As for the sexual inclination of said troll – It didn’t say.

  10. Maxi says:

    Kassie > And for the love of god, do NOT feed them!
    what are they, half gremlin?
    oh wait, that’s water…

  11. Jon says:

    Hey look… it’s a snooky crossing!

  12. Mj says:

    But… where is his hat…?

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