The Vaguest Button Around

The Vaguest Button Around

Submitted by: sarah

The inside of my Hot Pocket is this close to supernova!

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26 Responses to The Vaguest Button Around

  1. Captain Obvious says:

    Having that microwave, I know that is a photoshop (even though it is pretty obvious).

  2. Microparticle says:

    It randomly chooses a time between 00:01 and 03:42.

  3. Adrianne says: — go to page 9
    It’s a Whirlpool! It’s crazy!

    • lightbulb says:

      Tee hee! That’s a classic. I went to page 9 and read the Cook a Bit More instructions and none of it made any sense! I read it several times and I’m still scratching my head! Best bit was the idea of checking for “doneness”. Doneness?!!

    • TheHuckster says:

      “Doneness” is a real word. I’ve seen it used in most recipe books, (after 30 minutes check for doneness, etc)

    • Jojo says:

      doneness is a word, described as “the condition of being cooked to the desired degree”

      but in my opinion, there wouldn’t be degrees of “done”. it’s either done or not.

      although, if you think of cooking red meat, there are degrees of “done”.

      rare, medium, well, etc.

    • wren says:

      Yes, doneness. Another word you might be interested in is “dictionary”.

  4. kb says:

    What, “a smidge more” wouldn’t fit??!!

  5. ummwtf says:

    Ummm, wtf. why is the ‘vaguest button’ on oddly SPECIFIC

  6. Captain Obvious says:

    My original post was shopped.

  7. Your innerself says:

    And next, the will put a reverse!
    Uncook! Refreeze! and for egg, Deexplode! (the egg plode) lol!


  8. Zoom98 says:

    Where’s the “Snake” button?

  9. Carlos says:

    Ha! That’s one the the dumbest and funniest things I’ve seen in a long time!

  10. says:

    Is that the “add 5 seconds” button?

    This makes sense on a toaster where you don’t have a digital timer… on a microwave, o.O

  11. timer says:

    I like the ‘quantity 0’ combination… in that case, who cares how long ‘a bit more’ takes?

  12. Thalia says:

    I want that button on my microwave.

  13. joe says:


  14. KaapstadMK says:

    hot pocket…

  15. Peter says:

    This button is brilliant.

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