Aww, But After The First How Can You Not Do The Second?

Aww, But After The First How Can You Not Do The Second?

Submitted by: MJ Light

No comma on Earth can help this situation.

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10 Responses to Aww, But After The First How Can You Not Do The Second?

  1. Your innerself says:

    And then, i been arrest for indecency!

  2. Rehén says:

    Only An Idiot Would Capitalize All Words

  3. Sakutarou says:

    “Show nuts, please, do not eat”

    Possibly referring to, say, fans who shouldn’t eat during the performance? Iunno.

  4. Blitz says:

    It might be one of those fake food things that are for display purposes. They would have been much better off calling it “Display Only – Please Do Not Eat” because anything with the word “nuts” in it is just too easy for dirty minds to misconstrue…

  5. Steve D. says:

    It’s addressed to the nuts who were getting ready for their performance. They didn’t want them wasting their time by eating when they should have been getting into their costumes for the show.

  6. Carlos says:

    Oh, God… I couldn’t help but turning the idea around and around to form a dirty interpretation. I was powerless against that phrasing!

    And also, was anyone else reminded of “YOU HAVE NO CHANCE TO SURVIVE MAKE YOUR TIME HA HA HA HA!!”?

  7. wink says:

    But, after he shows them, he ALWAYS wants me to “eat” them! 😉

  8. Dame says:

    Quite obviously the sign is about nuts to be shown, that is, probably this is some sort of county-fair type show for produce, and this specific area is for nuts.

    Clearly, you wouldn’t want someone eating your award-winning hazelnuts or whatever the hell.

    Still, people should think a bit more before making signs. Then again I guess this is what this place is all about.

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