At Least, Not An Accredited One

At Least, Not An Accredited One

Submitted by: Unknown

He went to “Hollywood Upstairs Medical College” with Dr. Nick.

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12 Responses to At Least, Not An Accredited One

  1. mgmg says:

    This one comes from a video by the Amateur Transplants.

  2. Owen Goldman says:

    Who cares — he´s great with people!!

  3. Smegzilla says:

    I’d trust him over Dr. Eggman (Robotnik)

  4. Zoom98 says:

    WRONG! I looked at the NES game box and sure enough, it says “Licensed by Nintendo”!

  5. crimsonwings says:

    yes, I know he aint a real doc… but real docs dont prescribe mushrooms and High-fives

  6. Carl says:

    Oh come on. He’s at least as licensed as Dr. Phil… Oh wait.

  7. I'm not a witch. I'm YOU! says:

    Mario is a doctor. Mushrooms FTW!

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