This Is A Sprinting-Only Area

This Is A Sprinting-Only Area

Submitted by: Matt

I’m of the opinion that if you CAN walk on walls, you should fully be allowed to so.

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13 Responses to This Is A Sprinting-Only Area

  1. MamT-Mag says:

    What if I dance on the wall to get to the ceiling?

  2. 5150 says:

    I’m sure you can dance on the ceilings, though.

  3. Scuzz says:

    I guess the Green Goblin invested all his cash in weapons and gliders to beat Spider-man, and just had to rely on the honor system for security.

  4. MollyMoo12 says:

    Dang, no Inception re-enacting here then… I’ll just go next door.

  5. Me says:

    Dang gravity, got me again. You know how much I want to walk on the wall.

  6. Thalia says:

    It’s the law (of gravity)!

  7. Spoo says:

    So, can I skip on the walls, or is that also forbidden?

  8. Sen says:

    Prince of Persia may not enter

  9. -jha- says:

    spiderpig has dirty feet?

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