Honesty Is Always The Best Policy

Honesty Is Always The Best Policy

Submitted by: Unknown

I have a feeling this sign is always in that window.

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13 Responses to Honesty Is Always The Best Policy

  1. Bad to the Bone says:

    …it`s our first time.

  2. yo_milo says:

    I wanna work there. Hell yeah!

  3. Zoom98 says:

    Loud Howard shops there. They take hangovers seriously.

  4. Blake says:

    Doesn’t this make you want to work there?

  5. zhoen says:

    Was this from the Foggy Goggle in Boston? Say, on 1 January?

  6. jxp27 says:

    notice win!

  7. oj says:

    i love the hung-over face drawing

    that should be the hung over emoticon heehee

  8. steve says:

    I used to work at a restaurant/bar where a hangover was NEVER an excuse for missing work. (For a bad attitude and low productivity, however, it was an acceptable one)

  9. Carlos says:

    “Please be gentle”? Is this in the window of a brothel?

  10. sean says:

    … this totally describes where i work cept were never closed just pissed and tired hahaha

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