Generally This Is How Balconies Work

Generally This Is How Balconies Work

Submitted by: SP Riley

Also, the ground is generally on ground level. Just thought you should know. -Captain Obvious

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16 Responses to Generally This Is How Balconies Work

  1. Someone says:

    If they didn’t have that sign, someone would drop down and sue for not having received a warning.

  2. Medic-028 says:

    That’s probably the reason the sign is there… post lawsuit.

  3. Zoom98 says:

    But the Caution light isn’t on! So we don’t have to read it.

  4. Cady says:

    Get outta town!

  5. Your innerself says:

    Please be aware that the basement is not on ground level.

  6. Pedantic cyclist says:

    I have seen similar signs where the ground level at the front and back of the buildings differ. You enter at ground level at the front and find you are on the second or third floor at the rear.

  7. Christopher Drake says:

    A balcony at ground level isn’t a balcony, it’s a patio…

  8. Bob says:

    Isn’t a balcony on the ground floor called a porch?

  9. How insensitive, they didn’t include a translation in Braille!

  10. Daniel Barkalow says:

    Note that it’s fine to carelessly step off of ground-level balconies over below-ground spaces, because gravity stops at ground level.

  11. MWS says:

    Lawsuit: Yes, but they didn’t warn me that plummeting could be hazardous to my health.

  12. em says:

    I want to join the Laughing Club.. Thanks to all posted comments –
    I have….lol

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