Profile Much?

Profile Much?

Submitted by: Unknown

Why bother to be blatantly derogatory when you can insinuate?

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171 Responses to Profile Much?

  1. feanor says:

    Yeah, because all people of whatever group you’re talking about dress alike! Racist caption fail!

    • Duke says:

      How on earth is this _racist_?

      Unless you’re suggesting that there is a specific race that always dresses like this, and no other.

      Which would, I suppose, make it racist. At least, if you happened to be one of the people thinking like that. Egad, there’s a word for that, and it escapes me at the moment…


      Racist! Yes; that’s it! If you are a racist, you’re sure to see racism here.

    • Shipoopi says:

      dude, i think that was feanor’s point

    • Rowan says:

      It never says a specific race and yet the person captioning it assumed that it was directed at a race. It’s ridiculously easy to argue that the caption is racist, the headline is the racial profile, and the overall jist of the things (that they are OBVIOUSLY excluding one particular race) because though it is never said on the sign (or, honestly, implied) the writer implied it. The writer immediately made the connection between baggy pants and a particular race. The writer immediately made the connection between a particular way of dressing and a particular race.

      That my friends is racial profiling. Saying “NO DOO-RAGS” is not racial profiling, that’s a dress code.

    • DreamRycher says:

      Actually, the sign says “NO Dew-Rags”, which I find even more hilarious!

    • Israel says:

      Damn, you beat me to the punch!

    • Captain Obvious says:

      The sign is talking about black people, and you all are morons. Problem solved

    • Astro says:

      “Southern X-posure”, hehehe
      Maybe the members of this white bottomless club are simply intimidated by – yeah i should probably get on a different train of thought.

    • starling says:

      Yeah, because only black people wear winter coats …

  2. EvilDave says:

    Just because they don’t want poorly dressed douche bags in their strip club is no reason to accuse them of profiling.

  3. lolmaster says:

    No fried chicken, grape soda, or watermelon.

  4. steeleye5 says:

    guess i’m going naked then

  5. lolmaster says:

    Ha! SOUTHERN x-posure.
    On the logo, the x is a burning cross.

  6. Amasea says:

    I’m pretty sure this is a club in Salt Lake City. Which makes it all make sense. You’ll notice Ed Hardy is not prohibited.

    Although prohibiting winter coats in SLC doesn’t seem like an effective way to draw customers to your strip club many months of the year in northern Utah.

  7. jimmy says:

    damn it, i cant take my south pole with me 😦

  8. Rich says:

    Clearly these people really want to keep out twelve-year-old white boys.

  9. Phelps says:

    I prefer the sign that said, “If it’s on Jersey Shore, it ain’t coming in here.”

  10. waldobaby says:

    Face it, there’s a whole lot of people who couldn’t dress themselves without looking like slobs, but they still have hope: the sign doesn’t limit total zipper length!

  11. kg333 says:

    A lot of the bars in Maryland had rules like these up, per order of the police, I believe. It was an attempt to cut down on gang activity near Baltimore.

    • Jessi says:

      Gangbangers are totally rocking Fubu and Sean Jean now?

    • Leigha says:

      And Ecko? That just makes me think of those Red by Marc Ecko ads that Vanessa Hudgens did. Since when is Vanessa Hudgens remotely gangster-like?

      And don’t they sell South Pole clothes at, like, Sears? I mean, really.

    • Casa says:

      Yes, but they refer to it as “urban wear” and a lot of the older customers are ticked to see Ecko and Baby Phat on the shelves.

  12. truthiness says:

    I don’t care what brand people where as long as it fits (not three sizes too big or too small) and are worn where they’re supposed to be (pants pulled up to the waist).

    • The One Guy says:

      Not to be a grammar nazi, but your use of “where” rather than “wear” confused the hell out of me.

    • gyaku_zuki says:

      I don’t care about any of this stuff, as long as you abide by MY rules on this other thing!!!!

      Who said pants are SUPPOSED to be worn on the waist 😉

    • yoyomama says:

      OK, pants on the hips are OK but I draw the line at anything below the top of the butt crack (i.e., thigh-huggers) — ain’t nothin holdin’ ’em up but your inflated imagination!! If you’re so damn proud of your boxers why bother with pants anyway.

  13. theTexan says:

    What does this ‘much’ at the end of a question mean? I’ve seen it a couple of times but don’t quite get it…

    • Krenn says:

      Evidently you didn’t watch Buffy. This is a good explanation:

    • theTexan says:

      Ok, thanks for that. Still not sure whether I’ve fully understood it, but whatever

    • Blake says:

      It is an instance of sarcasm. Thus in the present case, ‘do you profile much?’ as in ‘do you frequently engage in profiling?’ the implication being that you obviously do.

    • Jessi says:

      You understand the current use of “whatever”, but not the current use of “much” at the end of a sentence?

      Fail at Valley Girl vocab much?

    • M says:

      Like, totally.

    • Amelia says:

      Thanks for that link! It’s going into the “why I’m an English teacher who can’t stand other English majors” file, to be used in future arguments.

      Also, I confused Ecko (which I had never heard of) with Ecco, which sells outrageously overpriced women’s clothes that blur the line between “professional” and “stripper.” I couldn’t figure out why it would be banned… but it made the sign more interesting!

    • vegangeekgirl says:

      They do? The Ecco I know of sells shoes that used to be good quality but ugly but it seems that they have worked on the look in recent years. I find it hard to read the right part of the sign. I’m also a bit clueless what many of those thing are.

    • Duke says:

      It’s the very last surviving vestige of Valley Girl speak from the 80s. While (thankfully) all the rest of it died away, the sarcastic “do you do x much?” never quite went away.

      It’s a mental shortcut: it allows you to be cuttingly snide without actually having to have the intellectual capacity to form a unique or clever observational statement.

    • Leigha says:

      Ha, where are you living where Valley Girl speak is dead? Admittedly, I wasn’t quite alive in the 80s (just missed it), but I’m pretty sure the defining word is “like,” which is used approximately 50 times an hour by nearly every girl over the age of 10. I remember our 5th grade teachers (in 2000, mind you) yelling at us for it all the time.

      I won’t lie, I still say like WAY too often.

    • end100 says:

      Thats so, like totally, true

  14. trampus says:

    Hey, they prohibit overalls too. I feel overalls should be prohibited everywhere outside your farm though.

  15. Blake says:

    No trench coats? WTF? I mean, I’ve been stopped by security because of my trench coat but not turned away after the verified I didn’t have a shotgun under it (it was actually an M-5).
    I’m just glad they put up this sign so that I would know not to go in, although a ‘This club sucks rancid monkey titties’ sign would be a lot more concise.

  16. oohwakakaka says:

    i’ve seen this sign in person. is this pic from Moomba?

  17. HunterJE says:

    Unless someone’s been out wiping down the blades of grass first in the morning, I think they mean DO-rag.

    • The folk explanation behind “dew rag” is that it stems from soaking a bandanna in cold water, then placing it on one’s head or around one’s neck. This helps keep one cool while working in the sun.

      Turns out this isn’t actually where the term came from, but at least it makes some sense in context.

  18. wmike145 says:

    Anyone notice it says “This a private club” ? Read it again out loud with a southern drawl.

    • faeriemama says:

      LOL! I did notice that. This a PRIVATE club! Imma get my shotgun and shoot yer ass if y’all come in here wearin’ them there pants on the ground!

  19. GI Joe says:

    Southern X-posure? So that’s why all the restrictions on clothing?

  20. Xopher says:

    This alleged “dress code” is obviously intended as racial discrimination. I bet that if a black man and a white man walked up to the door together and dressed identically, the white man would get in and the black man wouldn’t, no matter what they were both wearing.

    As a white male who dresses rather conservatively (I never wear any of those things except a winter coat (in the winter)), I would never enter such a club. I don’t ride in the front of the bus when other people are relegated to the back!

    They might as well have put up a sign that just said “No N*****s.”

    • Kevin says:

      Actually, you seem to be the racist here. I have seen many people (white, black, hispanic, etc) dressed in this manor. Claiming that only one race would wear those clothes seems very simple minded and ignorant of you. At the same time, I have friends who are white, black, and hispanic who think those types of clothing are useless and severely unappealing on anyone. So by your book that makes us racist because we don’t like a certain type of clothing, interesting, severely flawed, but interesting concept.

    • Christopher says:

      You actually have no way of knowing that without actually taking two identically dressed people and trying it. You’re making assumptions and that’s annoying. I’ve seen just as many white douche bags dressed in these brands as I have any other skin tone, and I wouldn’t want any of them in an environment like a gentleman’s club.

    • Duke says:

      It’s astounding that you know these things.

      I have been completely oblivious to the fact that all black guys dress a certain way. Probably because the one I work for wears tailored Italian suits that I’d have to give a month’s salary for.

      Fortunately, I have the internet to remind me of what black folks do in the real world…..

      And evidently I have several leather trenchcoats and many pairs of cargo pants I should sell promptly to the first black guy I see. Apparently I’m not allowed to wear them, being white and all….

    • Giant Boy Detective says:

      That’s jumping to assumptions.

      Might be an upscale hip-hop club.

      On local NYC based Hip-Hop or R&B radio channels I hear club promotions all the time that go for a classy look or have high class events.

      The actual radio ads specify “no jeans, no caps, no sneakers or timz (Timberland boots)”. I’m pretty sure club event promoters aren’t going to spend $1000 a day airing ads on Power 105, a radio station that plays about %70 rap music and 30% R&B/Slow Jam in the New York City/NJ area so they can NOT attract black people.

    • bluejeangenie says:

      I see nothing “obvious” about it. They could easily just be (crazy concept) wanting to keep a classier dress code, as all of those items are terrible fashion decisions. It’s the kind of “club wear” sported by people of all races who are douches, plus ridiculous clothing items like overalls and jerseys (which seem to have been overlooked in drawing these conclusions). Hardly points to one particular race. You seem to be the one perpetuating stereotypes by assuming it was meant to exclude black men…

    • JDGadsden says:

      You, sir, are a tool.

    • Xopher says:

      That’s it? That’s all you’ve got? Just throw a name without disputing any of my points or anything?


    • Grouel says:

      I think you don’t deserve any better, being the tool you are.

    • Person says:

      What is there left to say that hasn’t been said already?

    • Xopher says:

      Hmm, a pileon, days after I posted this. Fascinating. All these comments appear to have been in Moderation, since they just appeared today, even though they were posted days ago.

      Lots of apologists for the club here. Maybe you’re right. All I’ll say is that I’ve been told, as a white person, that the dress code didn’t apply to me (with a very similar sign).

    • Shipoopi says:

      well, then your anecdotal evidence should be proof enough, no?

    • CodeRed says:

      So you’re saying you dress like a douche-bag?

    • Xopher says:

      Only if I emulate your clothing habits.

    • Grouel says:

      How can you be so racist, abusive and accusatory?
      Go get a life, mand. What you said is so absurd, I really hope you don’t enter that club – I hope you don’t enter ANY club, so you won’t spread these racist ideas. You judge too much.

    • Xopher says:

      Back under your bridge. And I hope the Billy Goats Gruff come for you soon.

    • anonymoose says:

      No, Xopher. I’ve seen more “white” people dress that way than “black” people in my neighborhood. You’re the rascist.

  21. Crystallia says:

    No trenchcoats…? Fine, I didn’t want to come in anyway.

  22. skeptic says:

    As an outsider (not American, never been to the USA), I was trying to figure out what the profile was. My first guess was “Hell’s Angels”. Only after reading the comments I realized that this was supposed to be a profile for African Americans. Which is a little strange, because if they really want to discriminate against black people, they’ll be screwed every time an African-American in “proper” shirt and pants showed up at their doorstep. Furthermore, judging from reality shows and daytime TV from the USA, there are plenty of white people dressing like that.

    • kelley says:

      You sound like my cousin from Norway (the white-ist country in the world), where no one dresses like “gangstas” (which is what I assume the sign was profiling), and all the douchebags are preppies. She went to Toronto once and was terrified of everyone in baggie clothes. That’s what dumb. stereotypical american movies do for you…

      I find it funny that my school dress code says “no wearing of gang colours”. No gang symbols makes sense, but colours? What if the colour orange was used by some gang, then is no one allowed to wear orange? Suddenly wearing orange makes you a delinquent?

    • stagename says:

      ‘colours’ refers to an item of clothing that is a gang symbol, like a bandana etc., not just a random orange shirt.

    • katscratch says:

      Correct. The only ‘profile’ is for a style of dress and attitude that is pan-racial, and (unfortunately) still very popular.

  23. L says:

    I guess you’re supposed to come naked? :-p

  24. Fallingwater says:

    I’m surprised there’s no mention about sandals with socks…

  25. MM says:

    I see no reason why they wouldn’t both get in if they were dressed identically and within the code. Skin color shouldn’t make a difference.

    and Buffy FTW!

    • Xopher says:

      I’m saying I don’t believe it’s really about how they want their patrons dressed. And I’m saying they’d bar the African-American no matter how he’s dressed.

      I’ve had that experience where I live. One of the restrictions on that list was “no Timberland boots.” I always wear them except in summer, and I told the owner that’s why I didn’t go to his bar. He said “oh, come on, that doesn’t apply to you.”


    • Blake says:

      Do black people wear trenchcoats frequently? I was under the impression that they were actually more common on whites.

    • Crystallia says:

      I haven’t seen any black people wearing trenchcoats in my entire life.

      Then again, I think I’ve seen 4 people total wering them, counting myself.

    • kelley says:

      good point. I have a lot of friends who wear trenchcoats, and they’re white nerdy types.
      Then again, the trenchcoat is probably referring to a different stereotype: violent-video-game-playing angsty white teen (or 20-something) who is one drugs and is gonna go postal. Think Colombine.
      I know people who get in trouble for wearing trenchcoats…

    • Shipoopi says:


    • Grouel says:

      Yeah, it pretty much proves that you can go there in summer, and that black people don’t use any other kind of shoes.

  26. axel ingleson says:

    (looks over sign carefully.) Guess that rules out my Stampede Duster. (sigh)

  27. Mr Practical says:

    No more than 6 pockets! So, where am I going to put my loose change then?

  28. Poco says:

    So they want to keep out gang members and idiot teenagers? BFD. Sounds like somewhere I’d like to hang out. The racist part of this conversation comes from the people who think all blacks dress like inner-city criminals.

    • Xopher says:

      Nonsense. The management of the club thinks all blacks dress that way. In addition, you can’t judge people as criminals because they dress a certain way OR because they come from the inner city.

      Besides, as I’ve said above, I bet they wouldn’t let a big black guy in no matter how he dressed.

    • bluejeangenie says:

      Yeah, just like you shouldn’t judge people as racist simply on information about what kind of clothing they find intolerable…

    • Grouel says:

      YOU think all blacks dress this way, but the management of the club did not say anything about any skin color. YOU assume they are as racists as you are, but you have no proof.

    • Holfield says:

      That club is in Salt Lake City, where everyone is much more tolerant of skin color than what you assume of us, and if you would escape from your pre-1960’s state of mind, you would probably be accepting of them also. The sign is there to keep out the majority of white “gangstas” i.e. teenage delinquents who constantly harass the workers, by preventing them from entering based on their stereotypical clothing. And if said white trash still enters, they reserve the right to have their big, black bouncer send them screaming for their mommy.

  29. drpddleggs23 says:

    Blatantly derogatory? More like blatantly discriminatory…

  30. CrystalGirl says:

    Who says this is directed towards blacks? Clearly they don’t want “Guidos” (gold chains,) Jews (beanies) and yes I know they are called Yamicas so don’t correct me – Eskimos (winter coats,) Bikers (wallets with chains,)

    • yonian says:

      Did you mean “Yamahas”?

    • Leigha says:

      yarmulkes, actually…not yamicas

      Wait, only Eskimos wear winter coats? Silly me, I’ve been doing that my whole life. What AM I supposed to wear when it’s 10 degrees Fahrenheit, then?

      Of course, if this is in the south, you’d pretty much never need a winter coat (and now I wait for the comments about how it does so get cold in the south…yeah, I know, sometimes it goes below 50…good for you. Want some of our 150 inches of snow?).

  31. CrystalGirl says:

    Athletes (shirts with numbers,) shall I go on?

  32. Jess says:

    It’s actually a club in West Virigina. Explains so much, doesn’t it?

    • Kleanthes says:

      Yep, it explains that you’re probably another hipster yuppy that thinks West Virginia is known for being racist and ignorant because your sociology professor that’s never actually been anywhere near the place said so.

  33. Ojdog says:

    Jackets with patches and wallet chains? Sounds like they are after the Metal fans as well.

  34. robert ot says:

    this sign should be where upon entering los angeles then maybe l.a. could be a utopia

    • Xopher says:

      Why don’t you change your posting name to “racist a**hole.” It would suit you very well.

    • bluejeangenie says:

      Seriously, man. Stop jumping to conclusions. Sure, maybe it was a racist comment, but maybe he was just lamenting poor clothing decisions in L.A. Unless he’s given some other indication toward racism, making that sort of statement about him based solely on this post makes you the a**hole.

    • kelley says:

      blue jeans….

      I once went to a school where blue jeans (and any blue denim) was banned b/c it was “working class”. seriously. And black denim, pink denim, red denim was okay.
      It was semi-private (catholic), but most of the students there would be considered “working class”, in a city where the average household earned less than $370 per week.


    • JDGadsden says:

      you’re failing as a troll.

    • Xopher says:

      Glad to hear it.

    • DBGDBG says:

      Oh good god, robert ot, what freakin’ century are you living in, and on what planet? Sure, some styles of clothing look pretty silly to me, too — but so what? What I wear undoubtedly looks pretty silly to someone, somewhere (and I’d personally like to see the last of ALL conventional wedding- and bridesmaids-dresses, cummerbunds, military-style clothing . . .). Don’t Americans pride themselves on being “free”? Or do you believe that only applies to “thee”? Hey, robert ot, what are you wearing RIGHT NOW?

    • Jessi says:

      You just got plain creepy at the end there…


  35. DBGDBG says:

    In the late 60s when I was young and pretty silly myself, I borrowed a very stylish, very fancy lace pants-and-tunic outfit to go out for dinner at the old Julie’s Mansion in Toronto. (Reservations weeks in advance! Prix Fixe a week’s wages! Grand piano! Candles everywhere!) The maitre d’ informed my escort that ladies in pants were not allowed in the restaurant. I stepped out of the pants and tugged down the tunic: voila! a dinner-dress! My escort offered to take his pants off, too, but the maitre d’ said that would not be necessary.

    (We had a quick drink at the bar, standing beside — wait for it — William Shatner. I’m five feet no inches tall, and that’s how I know Shatner ain’t much taller . . . )

    So. I guess what I’m babbling about is: it’s a damned shame that there are people who judge other people by what they wear, or by what they can afford to wear, for that matter.

  36. williamcll says:

    how do you fit a g-unit?

  37. bachhos says:

    NO ECKO ?

  38. noah says:

    No trenchcoats? How about dusters? No overalls? How about coveralls? No gold or silver chains outside the shirt? What about platinum? No excessively baggy clothes? I’ll make sure that they’re just baggy enough instead (subjectivity ftl). No (list of prohibitted headwear)? Okay, ski masks it is! No more than six pockets? I’ll cut the excess ones off of my old trip pants and we’re good, right? I could go on…

    • Phelps says:

      That’s the point, dingus. It’s supposed to be broad and subjective enough to let the doorman keep out anyone he doesn’t want in.

    • noah says:

      I know. It’s called spite. I am intentionally “following their rules” while doing things that would piss them off, and yes, keep me from being allowed in the club. My point. I can be as much of an a$$ as you just by taking you at your word….dingus

    • Phelps says:

      And he’ll just say, “that isn’t a duster, it’s a trechcoat” and leave you out in the cold.

  39. baked potatoes says:

    My dress cargo pants have more than 7 pockets.
    I’ll just go in my underpants.

  40. Ojdog says:

    They forgot leather coats in order to keep the Metal guys out.

  41. Vikavid says:

    Here in New York City almost all of the large nightclubs ban any type of boot or sneaker, ballcaps, and many of the same types of clothing here. Doesn’t matter about who is wearing it, they just don’t want that crowd in there.

    And many of my co-workers will leave their Timberlands and hip-hop wear at home when they go. They never have a problem getting in either. But they have been turned away at the same club when we went after work and they were wearing our police-style work boots.

  42. DD says:

    Nothing wrong with that dress code, I have a similar sign on my front door.

  43. Mike says:

    BTW, it’s a Do Rag, not a “Dew” Rag — FAIL!

  44. Randy says:

    There is a Southern X-Posure here in WV, this actually looks more like something they would have on their door. I’ve seen several clubs here that enforce strict dress codes. Of course every bar here usually ends with someone being shot on the dance floor. If it is the Southern X from here, they have a huge spotlight they shine in the sky all night. Like the stripper-signal or something.

  45. MangoTango says:

    This strip club is in Salt Lake City (They have an epic billboard by my house!)… Why does this not surprise me? Mormons have to stay pure, even at their hoe-downs!

  46. Ojdog says:

    Do anyone else than white junior high kids wear Shadywear?

  47. Jojo says:

    This isn’t about racial profiling, this is about avoiding gang violence in a club.

  48. win says:

    FAIL failure…

  49. Stephanie says:

    wow, they should just put NO COLOREDS ALLOWED…..because that is what they really are trying to say. i know u don’t take it as racial profiling, which maybe it isn’t, but they are racially stereotyping………..i get where they’re going with this. and the fact that the name is Southern X-posure…………ya…….try to defend it all you want, this place is racist.

    • EnglishBlackguy says:

      So you are saying all black guys dress like douchebags. Because that is racist. This sign applies to everyone. Dress right or piss off. Ever heard of integrated cities like Montreal, Vancouver, London, Seattle, etc… Not everyone lives in the south and is racist. Just everyone who lives in the Southern United States, every last person down there.

  50. Xopher says:

    Hear, hear.

  51. Keith says:

    Am I the only one here who saw this and immediately thought that it was from a classy black nightclub trying to keep out gang members and wannabe gangstas? Red rag/blue rag isn’t the only way to flag anymore, and dope dealers like tons of pockets because they’re harder to search through if they get busted. People who follow the rules have no reason to be offended. If you can afford a throwback jersey and Timz, you can afford a suit and a pair of Stacys for the club.

  52. me says:

    A strip club bitching about clothing…..uhhuh.

  53. Kleanthes says:

    Funny how all the lib-tards stereotype black people and then claim this sign must be about them when it says nothing about race, shows who is actually prejudiced.

    And “Southern X-Posure” isn’t a “southern” thing like they are thinking either, it’s a pun – “Southern” as in the strippers lower area. They have these places in every state.

    • VacuousPlatypus says:

      “Southern Exposure” is also a desirable room orientation in architecture because a room with windows facing south (in the northern hemisphere, anyway) get more sunlight. So Southern Exposure is a good thing. Also, the pun about strippers’ nether regions. It might be a play on words in all of these things, including being located in the southern US.

    • truth sayer says:

      i’ve been in this club. It is run by white bikers. Intent of the sign is to exclude blacks and white punks acting black. Don’t be stupid.

  54. Jake Bullet says:

    If you don’t like the stereotype, stop BEING the stereotype.

  55. Doomy says:

    They should have these rules just for stepping outside your own home.

  56. Rowan says:

    I find this insulting. The idea that anyone who wears a doo-rag or baggy clothing must be of a certain race is stereotyping.

    The sign doesn’t say “NO ASIANS” or “NO BLACK PEOPLE” or anything of the sort, it says “THERE IS A DRESS CODE, F**KING FOLLOW IT” and for the writer to spot the “racism” in this is the real racism.

  57. malkatz says:

    Honestly, this is probably a club that is mostly black and does not want to associate with members that perpetuate stereotypes.

  58. Toyah says:

    Could be taken either way.

    I’m leaning towards the club (don’t know what sort of club it is, so that makes it harder) wanting to keep out young males that they feel might be trouble. Yes, a few of those clothing types have stereotypes to them, and some could imply racial stereotyping as well. I don’t know the mindset of the club-owner either.

    Gold & silver chains outside clothing: Presumably this includes females too, which won’t make this rule popular.. For males, also ties in with the hip-hop and rap music videos on tv, as well as the “gang”/street style. This is worn by males of all races, but it is stereotypically aimed at black men.

    Excessively baggy clothing – see the gold and silver chains -> also stereotypically street/gang/wannabe-gang-cool style.

    Leaving out the next one, because not sure we have them here by those names. And I wouldn’t know a dew rag if it bit me.

    Rude/vulgar clothing – Catch-all.

    6 pockets – no idea, but someone mentioned the drug dealer idea, which seems plausible.

    Trench-coats – KILL THE GEEK! 😛 Not sure on this one, perhaps to make sure no-one’s got a weapon concealed under it.

    Don’t know enough about the specific brands to comment.

    Overall, with the first two, some club owner might have had a stereotype in mind, I have no idea. As has been pointed out (with varyling levels of animosity), it’s an unjust one. However, it can’t be ruled out, because the owner may have been thinking it. Oh, and saying “No Blacks” is, I presume, illegal.

    However, the rest of the rules are aimed at various clothing styles, and seems overall more likely to be aimed at keeping out young males of any race that are wearing clothes linked with gang culture and rap music, which often glorifies gang culture and violence. I don’t think it’s racist, but nor do I think that the poster who felt it was, was being racist, they were just pointing out that it could fit a stereotype often seen on TV and in popular culture. And stereotypes don’t tend to be “fair”.

  59. tommus says:

    jeez, why didn’t they just come out with it and say “NO WIGGERS ALLOWED”

  60. Capone says:

    The sign should read: “Gays Only”, then the folks on the list wouldn’t go in. Problem solved.

  61. Mercike says:

    Ok, all of you who scream racist. I think the only race we can talk about here is the Douche bag race. It is a mixture of all the colors of the land but one thing in common. They are D bags. I still dont agree with the sing though. If you noticed does not say there ” No white robe with pointed hood allowed.” does it?

  62. DrCreosote says:

    If this club is in Salt Lake City, then it expanded from the one in Ogden. I’m surprised the Ogden club would even have a dress code since they don’t seem to have weight limits or age requirements for thier strippers. I haven’t been there in years though, so maybe they raised their standards a little bit.

  63. OH C'MON says:

    C’mon people….it’s West Virginia…of course they dont want black people touching or looking at their white girls

  64. really?? says:

    I wish more places actually did this.

  65. saverpernerper says:

    So, basically, no chavs.

  66. Lee says:

    Seriously? You’re questioning the caption writer? It is PAINFULLY obvious what the sign is intended to convey. It might as well just say “No N******!”

  67. Kirajenlove says:

    I don’t see it as racist at all. (White people can and do dress like that, BTW). It’s just saying that if you dress like a gangsta, don’t bother coming in. You could be a civilized black man in a suit and still be welcomed.

  68. Shawna says:

    Sounds like any number of characters on The Wire. I’d really like to see Omar Little walk up in there in his trenchcoat carrying his shoty and see them ask him to leave. 🙂

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