I Would Think This Would Be Obvious

I Would Think This Would Be Obvious

Submitted by: gotcottonmouth

But if things like this weren’t needed, we wouldn’t have The Darwin Awards.

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24 Responses to I Would Think This Would Be Obvious

  1. 5150 says:

    I’ve got such a headache.

  2. youralcoholicdad says:

    That took me too long to realise it said 0 FT NOT OFT :/

  3. Anon says:

    It doesn’t say oft?

    • Sarge says:

      No. It says: “Zero Feet: No Diving.”

      It’s next to a pool, and it’s there to warn people not to dive into the shallow end.

      We now return you to your regularly scheduled LOLs, already in progress.

    • 5150 says:

      “Shallow end” is putting it mildly, no?? I’d say that 0 ft is as flipping shallow as one can get.

    • The One Guy says:

      This is the sort of pool that slopes into the water, it’s only 0 ft precicely on that edge.

  4. Spoo says:

    But I can dive in the 1 ft area though, right? That’s my best spot.

  5. Your innerself says:

    Sadly, with all the moron in this world, THEY HAVE to put dumb warning everywhere!

  6. Zoom98 says:

    People with no feet usually don’t dive anyway.

  7. B0b_2012 says:

    It be even funnier if it had said, “Diving Permitted”

  8. dw says:

    I don’t know what I find more offensive: That our lawsuit-happy society now requires moronic warning labels…

    or the thought that something like this might actually save some moron’s life.

  9. PYLrulz says:

    I swear to god, at a pool near my house, they have that very thing on there

  10. postl1terat1 says:

    The idea that “common sense” is all that common is a common misconception. Everybody has noob moments; they just hope nobody notices. It’s probably an airborne virus.

  11. Daniel Barkalow says:

    The requirement to have this sort of warning is due to the fact that the optical properties of water are such that it looks deeper than it actually is, so there are depths that look safe for diving that actually aren’t. Rather than write the requirement to not bother for water that doesn’t even look deep enough, they just mark everything that’s too shallow. And they probably have it apply to all sides of all pools, for simplicity.

  12. tfad22 says:

    Totally photoshopped.

    • The One Guy says:

      Seriously? I thought that this one was common enough that no one would possibly say that.

    • Lynn says:

      No–I saw this at a pool in Bridgeton, MO, where my daughter had a dive meet. In the deep end.;)
      The sign was on a walk-in, sloping end where little kids could get in gradually.

  13. williamcll says:

    how do you swim anyway?

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