We Have Matches And Hair Spray

We Have Matches And Hair Spray

Submitted by: Unknown

And we aren’t afraid to use them.

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30 Responses to We Have Matches And Hair Spray

  1. Henk the Killer says:

    Sounds reasonable to me.

  2. Hey Nonny Nonny Nonny Mus says:

    Looks like the figure on the left is flashing the figure on the right, whose crotch has caught on fire in reaction.

  3. Tray Dawg says:

    This was already posted here, like, months ago.

  4. anarchy says:

    Sign WIN! Where can I get one of these?

  5. Me says:

    I want his sign!

  6. pgn674 says:

    We had that up on our wall at my university’s IT Help Center for ages.

  7. Hammockguy says:

    This one again? It’s really quite old.

  8. mabhatter says:

    Remember folks, there are no stupid questions…

    Just stupid users that ask them. Don’t hate on ideas, hate people …and set them on fire*+!

    *but not people of any federally protected minority. +Do not try setting people on fire at work (at home is fine though) +not responsible for people actually set on fire. Stupid people are the majority, so they shouldn’t count.

  9. mabhatter says:

    I raise your puny matches and hairspray with a 50-ton steel melting furnace… Carbon is an essential element in steel making you know. [comes from wood, dinosaurs, etc]

  10. hackitup says:

    “flasher will set your balls on fire”

  11. Matt Scheaffer says:

    This was pretty funny the first 800 times I saw it but the last 45,000, not so much

  12. DarkSpleen says:

    He probably asked where the help desk is

  13. Jim says:

    They should make one for librarians, too. A law school librarian acquaintance of mine had a student come up to her with steam coming out of his ears, because he’d been through every book in the library and couldn’t find a sample form for an oral contract.

    • Hey Nonny Nonny Nonny Mus says:

      Didn’t the fact that he found a book showing him how to get steam to come out of his ears make up for not finding the oral contract documentation?

    • Jim says:

      Maybe it was something about that library. She also had an old lady call in for the definition of a word (and this was a law library!). After much hemming, hawing, and hesitating, the old lady finally said that the word had twelve letters, the first half was “mother,” and she didn’t think the second half was very nice.

      Then, of course, there was the straight couple in western Pennsylvania who went to their local public library to see if they had a do-it-yourself book on circumcision.

    • Jack Alltrades says:

      The librarian in Penn. should have referred them to Lorena Bobbitt…

  14. Blitz says:

    It’s like deja vu all over again… why do these keep showing up? Next time I see an approval this stupid, I’m setting it on fire.

  15. JBoogie says:

    hmm, this sounds like a threat I keep handy for IT work, but not one I’ve come close to using. People with broken PCs know I am their greatest ally . . . so long as they don’t cross me.

    If hairspray is not good enough, (do not) try carburetor or fuel injector cleaner sprays. White hot flame!

  16. lunakoi says:

    Repeat. This was posted ages ago…

  17. Neku says:

    Damn, exactly why i had to quit my last job.

  18. Wandering PC Support says:

    I’ve lost track of how many IT offices I’ve seen this sign in. Still makes me smile every time I see it, though.

  19. Spidy says:

    The character on the left looks like a vendor carrying a big box, maybe containing some Molotov cocktails. The guy sitting down looks like his feet are cut off from the knee, almost like he’s a midget. Very disturbing pic, gotta love it!

  20. I'm not a witch. I'm YOU! says:

    I’m gonna be honest though… looks like one hot BJ.

  21. Sintra says:

    she’s not happy she is pregnant is she……………. she set his knackers a-flame!

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