Only One At A Time, Please

Only One At A Time, Please

Submitted by: anotaai

Please, be considerate enough to leave strips for the rest of us.

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20 Responses to Only One At A Time, Please

  1. GardensTale says:

    Excellent! I just needed a tip to roll a joint with.

  2. Lizzibabe says:

    Free strips of paper. Buy one get one free. Limit two.

  3. yosuppeeps says:

    well why IMMD, is that two people actually took the time to take some strips of free paper.

    • Me. says:

      I would definitely take one!

    • Haruspex says:

      Or the person who posted the poster took off two strips to make others think that some people had stopped to take some strips, encouraging them to take their own as well.

    • Girl says:

      There’s only one strip missing… look at the width of the other strips compared to the empty space…

  4. Damage says:

    They should have gone with “test to see if people can distinguish between a scientific study and a kidney harvesting scam”.

    Not bad though.

  5. FREE COMMENTS! Please read one.

  6. Jack says:


    I think I understand what the picture is and I don’t think it’s supposed to be a joke, because I think maybe it is a way of seeing if people will do something which I think is called thinking out of a box or maybe it’s called thinking out of the box, maybe, because I don’t think people would probably be in a box while thinking, I guess, maybe.

    But what I was going to say is that most people are taking the strips that were already cut on the paper, but really the sign isn’t really as specific as that although it might seem like it is, because people could really take any strip off of the paper, not just the precut ones and then it would be like some sort of psychological testing thing, maybe, probably, I think.

    • CK159 says:

      Or maybe someone said LOL U funneh, and took a piece of paper too.
      Same concept as the people who want DVD rewinders for the lolz.

  7. mr.x says:

    this is hilarious, who gave it thumbs down?

  8. Nobody wants to free the strips of paper. Not that liberating them would be of much benefit…

  9. HEHEHEHEH says:

    OMG I know where that sign was posted and I took one of those pieces of paper. Way to go wierd artsy kids from york university!

  10. Andrew says:

    Should be on epic win

  11. lame says:

    “After I put this sign up I will take a picture of it and put it on the internet. Thus becoming a web sensation.”

  12. Juliane says:

    Zomg! I actually say a sign exactly like this at a gas station’s postboard. I think I have a picture of it somewhere… I actually had to look twice to see if I was the one who submited it. xD

  13. Juliane says:

    Dammit. x_x

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