Define ‘Emergency’, Because I Do That All The Time

Define 'Emergency', Because I Do That All The Time

Submitted by: Unknown

And who decides who is weak? I think my boss is weak, so can I hurdle him?

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20 Responses to Define ‘Emergency’, Because I Do That All The Time

  1. dick4brains says:

    just remember: I don’t have to run faster than the bear, just faster than you…

    • Your innerself says:

      Thanks! That a good advise!

    • LittlePig says:

      silly gooses, you don’t need a sign for that

    • dick4brains says:

      true. It’s really a sign to inform the “weak” the proper position to take to ease the exit of everyone else.
      It makes me think of George Costanza “clearing a path.”

    • Nonamous says:

      Makes me think of George Carlin’s “Airline Announcements”…

      “…And then I plan my route… it’s not always a straight line, is it… Let’s see… I’ll climb over the fat [censored]… knock-down the crippled war vet…”

  2. bob_super says:

    That’s mean!
    You don’t need to hurdle the handicapped, they’re not a competitor in the stairs. They’ll burn/suffocate/drown/get_irradiated/get_neurotoxined where they sit as they can’t take the elevators either.

    • SmartOne says:

      You want to be hurdling the track team, cuz if it’s a foot race, you do not want to be going up against those runners!!

  3. Xopher says:

    This looks more like a Hacked IRL to me. That sign is funny, but clearly intended to be so, not serious instruction. (“Panic,” really? You need a SIGN for that?)

  4. Xopher says:

    I’d frown on hurdling the weak, as well. Bad form, you know.

  5. Peter says:

    anyone you can hurdle is by definition weak.

  6. Rob aka Mediancat says:

    Sure. Don’t hurdle the weak; you could trip and hurt yourself. Shove the weak into the wall instead as you pass by.

  7. kattsynn says:

    If you HAVE TO ASK who the weak are, you are they!

  8. disgruntled employee says:

    We just had a safety meeting at work this past week. big boss says, what do you do if there is a fire?

    I said, “jump over the counter and get the f**k out”

    THey said that was the wrong answer, but this sign just proved me right.

  9. Kohdok says:

    …Nice hat on that guy.

  10. I'm not a witch. I'm YOU! says:

    The weak shall inherit the hurt.

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