The Stairs Leading To The OCD Treatment Center

The Stairs Leading To The OCD Treatment Center

Submitted by: Bear

Or should we say the CDO Treatment Center, so the letters are in alphabetical order as they should be.

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37 Responses to The Stairs Leading To The OCD Treatment Center

  1. r3loaded says:

    That’s a tube station in London, I’ve actually seen this sign but can’t remember which station – is it Lancaster Gate?

    • DK says:

      They always list the number of steps on every large staircase in the London Underground – and as every station does have a staircase for emergencies, there is a sign like this in all deep level underground stations in london. I see them every day – not so amazing!

    • Hapqy says:

      So that when the lights are out or the place is filled with smoke you can count the steps to find out whether you’ve reached the top?

    • the_farwall says:

      I think it’s mostly to warn people what they’re getting into if they decide to take the stairs instead of waiting for a lift. Most underground stations have esculators to take people down to the platforms but some don’t have room and only have lifts (elevators). Those ones tend to also allow people to use the stairs so that when the station is busy people don’t have to wait ages to be able to get into a lift and get up or down. But some of the stations are pretty far underground so they warn you that’s it’s going to be a hard climb if you do choose the stairs. 84 doesn’t sound too bad, Covent Garden has close to 200 steps to climb if you go that way.

  2. Rockingfreakapotamus says:

    The funniest thing about this is watching teh fat ‘merkins red puffing faces as they come out the top end

    • polkaface says:

      It’s British.

    • stephen says:

      he’s saying the american tourists.

      I went to London (I’m from california) with a group from school that met up with another school from South Carolina. And in that group was two giant fat people. They were always holding everybody up and complaining about stairs and taking taxis everywhere.

      stupid redneck fat asses.

  3. Michael says:

    They have them all over. It’s to stop people with CDO climbing up to count them and having some sort of funny turn.

  4. huihui says:

    I don’t get it why that’s on here. It’s pretty common in some places to put a sign up with the number of steps, so (old) people can decide if they take the stairs or not.

    • mabhatter says:

      what’s wrong with survival of the fittest here?

      Although just to be mean to the OCD folks I would put a number on each one, bumiss-number them and have 86 just to mess with folks.

    • Seriously Not even funny, as someone with OCD, if someone was a jerk enough to do that, since I am a counter I Would literally have a panic attack sending me to the hospital for at least a couple days, Now Honestly THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU SAY! There are real people with OCD IT IS NOT A JOKE!

  5. Pileobunnies says:

    The best part is there are actually only 83 steps.

  6. Tom says:

    All tube stations with stairs in London have these signs, simply so you can judge whether its worth walking or not

  7. Lizard says:

    yeah def..def..definitely 84 steps

  8. Chilari says:

    I’ve seen that one. I thought it was Russel Square, though. If not, Russel Square does have a spiral staircase with many steps which a friend of mine decided wouldn’t take as long as waiting for the lift. It took longer. I hate him.

    • SM says:

      I did the exact same thing at Russel Square. I thought, why not give it a try? About half way down I remembered why…

  9. The_Waybad says:

    Russell Square has 147 steps (I think).

  10. Nitpicker says:

    It should probably read “CDO Center for Treatment” if you want all the words in alphabetical order.

  11. Loren Pechtel says:

    It’s a reasonable warning that it’s a long climb that would be a big problem for some people to take.

  12. TheBigWhiteWolf says:

    I love this sign more today than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow.

  13. Sam says:

    It needs to be CDOP, so there is an even number of letters and they are in pairs of consecutive letters.

  14. Annie says:

    Am I really the only obsessive compulsive who gets pissed when people alphabetize OCD? CDO makes it compulsive disorder obsession (not at all the same thing) or just plain poor english. Augh.

  15. G says:

    Perhaps if one sees it regularly, it doesn’t seem odd, but to the rest of us, it seems quite oddly specific. I would have expected them just to say long staircase, if that was what they meant.

  16. kb says:

    At least its not the path to the COPD Treatment Center!

  17. Manda says:

    This only guarantees the counting!!!!

  18. WhatIsUp says:

    *goes to stairs*
    *steps up once* One…
    *steps again* Two…
    *steps* Three…
    *gets bored* Stupid stairs!!!!

  19. plippy says:

    It kinda bothers me that there are only 84 stairs. Why not have one more!? D:

  20. david says:

    That’s great. As someone with OCD, I find this really funny. I guess you have to have OCD to get the joke.

  21. Allie says:

    I’m noticing this sign doesn’t have braille. Aren’t they concerned for the blind OCD people? …they may stand there counting the dots over and over again…blocking traffic to the stairs…but hey, they’re people too!

  22. eighty says:

    Camden, is that you?

  23. Mercike says:

    So, many OCD people in England?

  24. Richard says:

    I think this might be the one from Embankment. There’s a similar sign at Elephant & Castle, but that’s not a spiral staircase.

  25. RuckBogers says:

    Pretty sure this is Goodge Street station. I’m sure I’ve walked up those 84 steps a few times before…

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