They Prefer ‘Little People’

Submitted by: SP Riley

People over 7′ note: Bring a rocket launcher.

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27 Responses to They Prefer ‘Little People’

  1. Skyfire says:

    Going through TSA checkpoint = srs bsns

  2. SteveWithAQ says:

    What about no-legged midgets?

  3. cjay says:

    Revolvers are ok?

  4. bubbaralph says:

    “I have a bomb!”

    “Ok buddy, up against the wall. You see the sign, no joking about such things.”

    “No, I really have a bomb. See?”

    “Go on through then.”

    ***Courtesy of comdian Al Lubelle***

  5. Sarge says:

    But knives and swords are OK, right?

    • randomguy says:

      I would think so, but I would be more worried about that tall guy with a missile than the midget with a boomerang.
      …Is that a hole in the boomerang? *looks closer*

  6. Lizard says:

    Willy Wonka and the WMD factory

  7. Andvari says:

    Question is, will Survivors be shot again? Just how srs are they?

  8. lkasfjd;dfjdslfjsdlfjdsljf;dsafj;afj says:

    No, they like midget

    • ClariPossum says:

      From what I’ve heard, the term “midget” is actually offensive to people with dwarfism. They prefer “little person” or “dwarf.”

  9. wheresthefridge says:

    But… the only reason they would say ‘no armed midgets’ would be… if they had shown up before.


  10. Charlie Oscar Delta says:

    So i can take through all the missiles, machine guns, rifles, knives, swords, chemical canisters and shotguns i want as long as i’m not short?

  11. mr.x says:

    Bomb silhouette WIN 😀

  12. Gypsie Rose says:

    They love to be called midgets not little people!!! Midgets are evil little biting bastards anyway.

  13. Sky says:

    I live in a town in the Netherlands and I ride my children (4 and 6) to school. My 6-year old can ride on his own bike and my 4-year old rides with me. Most of the parents ride their bicycles as it is in the centre of town and you can’t park your car anywhere. I don’t know when I will let them ride to school on their own as there is a lot of traffic. The school is next to the hospital so there are a lot of taxi’s, ambulance and other cyclists that don’t pay a lot of attention to the children riding their bike.

  14. JK says:

    Seriously? Shot for joking? About armed midgets? What the FUCK.

  15. MightyMonkeyX says:

    Cop-Excuse me sir, I have to shoot you now for carrying that pistol.
    Man-Actually, this an uzi, its a submachine gun.
    Cop- Oh, really, well thats fine…wait,
    Cop-Are you a midget
    Cop-Good, than move along now

  16. Coyotekitty says:

    (Guy walks in a brass knuckles, a machine gun, two mac-10’s and a katana)
    Security guard: Are you carrying any bombs or pistols?
    Guy: Nope.
    Security guard: Okay, then, go on.
    Guy: Thanks.
    Security Guard: Wait a minute, you’re under 5 feet tall! ARMED MIDGET! TAKE ‘IM NOWN!

  17. I'm not a witch. I'm YOU! says:

    *Two guys walk in. One guy is a midget with a boomerang joking about other midgets with boomerangs… because that’s his kind of sick humor. He immediately get tackled by twelve guards and put into an arm bar.
    The other guy is 6 ft. and has a rocket launcher, two frag grenades, a long sword, magic wand, and an AK-47. He immediately gets stopped by security, shows weapons and then goes through*

    Honestly… There’s NOTHING wrong with that scenario.

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