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I’m so surprised!

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28 Responses to No!

  1. zomborgon says:

    First to realize water is in a pool.

  2. Rashid says:

    What’s next? “Animals in zoo”? “People in malls”?

  3. Derek says:

    Next thing you know they’ll have fire in wood stoves!

  4. Can’t be ALL water, they spelled it with a P.

    • splatman says:

      Yep, a pool is not filled with 100% water. If you want a pool of water, you’ll need to find (or fill up yourself) an ool, which is like a pool, but is P-free.
      There’s a sign out there that says, “Welcome to our OOL. Notice that there is no P in it. Please keep it that way.”.

  5. Someone says:

    AAH! It burns!

  6. Andrew says:

    no sh** sherlock, thank you very much for pointing that out. I thought Pools were filled with sand

  7. Bender says:

    Is a pool a pool if it contains no water?

  8. Marek says:

    Well, this sign is extremely necessary in America, actually. Otherwise someone might sue you for not warning them about the water in the pool when they almost drown.

    • Mortigneous says:

      Exactly what I thought. It’s sad, but I won’t be amazed when someone sues someone for not telling them air was in a room -.-

    • keithybabes says:

      Mind you if there were no water in it, you’d need a sgn that says ‘NO WATER IN POOL’ just in case they wanted to dive in. Really the sign should say ‘WATER OR NO WATER IN POOL, EITHER COULD KILL YOU! MORONS STAY CLEAR – THIS SIGN IS AVAILABLE IN BRAILLE OR ALTERNATIVE LANGUAGES IN CASE YOU CAN’T READ’

  9. Neil says:

    Very dark red on dark grey – not an ideal reading combination…

  10. Russian27 says:


  11. not so specific says:

    dumb politicians……same reaction

  12. Danmarkus says:

    so should i, or shouldn’t I dive in?

  13. BioHzrd says:

    I…I didn’t realize this was a problem. What was I supposed to swim in then….EWWWWWWWW

  14. Thalia says:

    Someone has discovered the dangers of hydrogen monoxide.

  15. fleaze says:

    aparently its waring a dumb wicked witch of the west

  16. Flinkerz says:

    alternatively i have seen a sign that read “caution: road wet while raining”

  17. Araya3895 says:

    OMG! Waitamin, does that mean that there is water in an ocean?!?!?!!?!?!?!?

  18. I'm not a witch. I'm YOU! says:

    I actually needed that warning. I hate pools with water in it. I usually have fire in my pools. And water in my microwave, but maybe it’s me.

  19. gigamunch says:

    hey, could you, just… move your head? the shadow makes it hard to see

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